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Most sectors records huge slump

By Chimi Wangmo The agriculture sector remains the only sector unaffected by the pandemic. Agriculture, livestock, and forestry remains unaffected by the pandemic as the focus has been to ensure uninterrupted food supply under the ECP. Various initiatives like the buy-back program, commercialization of agriculture and livestock production mainly supported by FMCL and BLDCL provided the agriculture sector with renewed …

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FM presents the National Budget for the FY 2021-22

By Tandin Wangchuk The Finance Minister presented the National Budget for the FY 2021-22 along with the budget expenditure of the previous fiscal year this week in the ongoing National Assembly session. The budget for the Financial Year 2021-22, is  formulated with the theme to ensure โ€œSustained Economic Stability for a Resilient Recoveryโ€ and  that the Government pursues an expansionary …

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Bruised and battered but back

A tell-tale story about how recovering addicts fought the adversary and sprung back to life By Tashi Namgyal He has fought the battle against the insurgents and won in the year 2003 but has lost the war against the bottle. His addiction to alcohol laid him disfigured, crumpling down 15 years of his esteemed service for the Royal Bhutan Army.The …

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Is Bhutan prepared for the Big Quake?

WFP study on the impact and plan of action for potential earthquakes is the first ever model in Bhutan for humanitarian planning By Tashi Namgyal The Himalayan region has amongst the highest earthquake risk globally, with recent moderate-sized events resulting in tens of thousands of casualties. Despite this, understanding of earthquake risk in the region is limited, particularly in Bhutan, …

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