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PDP lambasts govt. on college admission and job issues

By Chimi Wangmo The People’s Democratic Party (PDP), in a long press release aimed at the government, has pointed out a host of issues concerning youths and the growing number of unemployed in the country. Among other various flaws observed, the PDP stated the government should have known better to prepare for the situation as the COVID Pandemic had been …

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Saving the critically endangered

The majestic White-Bellied Heron is slowly disappearing from the face of the earth. However, Bhutanโ€™s story gives some hope to save this magnificent bird By Sonam Choki A recent White-bellied Heron (WBH) annual population survey conducted in the country by the Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN) counted 22 herons in the country. The survey confirmed 19 adults and …

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Sherubtse College: An Epitome of Higher Education in Bhutan

 Dasho zangley Drukpa, former health minister and an educator by choice launched his book Sherubtse College: An Epitome of Higher Education in Bhutan in the capital Friday. Credited as the first native Principal of Bhutanโ€™s premier institute Sherubtse College, Dasho Zangley Drukpa also served as RUBโ€™s vice-chancellor and later as a minister in the DPT-run government (2008-13).

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His Majesty The King grant Dhars

His Majesty The King granted Dhar to appoint the Ambassador Designate to Australia, and the Tashi Yangtse and Paro Dzongda this week on July 2.  Sonam Tobgay, who was serving as Director of the Department of Bilateral Affairs in the Foreign Ministry, has been appointed as Bhutan’s Ambassador to Australia.  Karma Thinley, Director at the Anti Corruption Commission, is the …

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Phuentsholing residents weary, frustrated and hapless

Residents of Phuentsholing are increasingly feeling the brunt of the prolonged lockdown which has now extended to more than two months By Sonam Choki Almost 70-days after the third lockdown was imposed in the border town of Phuentsholing, residents are now expressing their weariness and frustration with the prolonged closure that has crippled many, especially the poor and the economically …

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