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Abroad drift mania stews public, corporate and private sectors

Bhutan has been witnessing trend of working age group leaving for greener pasture at tier of professions causing public, corporate and private sectors to feel the void By Tenzin Lhaden As the momentum of Bhutanese leaving abroad accelerates with augmenting passport applicants and more aspiring to leave abroad. Since the easing of Covid-19 pandemic protocols, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs …

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Commuters seek e-registration for city bus smartcards

Sonam Deki With the increase in the number of city buses in Thimphu, a greater number of people are using the bus service. It is also due to the rate which is much cheaper than a taxi.  Smartcards are what attracted Sangay Om to avail the bus for the first time. She says a taxi was more convenient for her …

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Digitalization of government offices and online services failing, says citizen

Sonam Deki Online services are meant to provide easy and prompt solutions for both service providers and service seekers. However, Bhutan seems to lag behind and is not taking full leverage of technology. Many frustrated citizens complain of inefficient and delayed services from the public service provider. Apparently, digital inconvenience in this digitalized world is common in Bhutan and the general …

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Nightclub owners seek time extension beyond 12 am

Tenzin Lhadenย  As the time limit was set on nitery, the late-night business owners in Thimphu are not happy with the early closing time pointing to several issues.  The closing time is set at 12 am.  This, the Thimphu Thrompon Ugyen Dorji is said that the timing has been changed as per the Prime Minister’s Office Press Release issued for …

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e-Taxi drivers propose green zone parking, charging, maintenance stations

Yeshey Lhadon  Green taxis or battery-driven taxis are seen picking up their passengers from the old city-bus parking at Changlam stretch. They give discounted taxi rates on the fare compared to gasoline-driven taxis. They charge Nu 10 less compared to fuel taxis.   “We provide a discount to the passengers riding in green taxis for now because we donโ€™t have …

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