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Visible progress seen in the livestock sector

By Tandin Wangchuk In striving to achieve livestock product self-sufficiency for a prosperous and self-reliant society living in harmony with nature, the Department of Livestock during the fiscal year has attained 92.06% self-sufficiency in dairy products, (47.75%) self-sufficiency in meat sector, 100% self-sufficiency in egg and 15 % self-sufficiency in wet fish production. DoL said in 2020-2021, in order to …

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Away from archaic offices and chaotic workplaces

By Tashi Dendup WorkSpace Thimphu, an innovative idea to help young Bhutanese startups with low budgets to find office space to do their work, is a new enterprise that plans to make it big. The concept is similar to the famous American company WeWork, whereby WorkSpace Thimphu will facilitate Bhutanese entrepreneurs and freelancers in a professional and comfortable co-working space. …

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Ministerial candidates dubbed as the β€˜Perfect Six’

Tashi Namgyal/Thimphu Amidst the hurly-burly of recent developments around the new Home Minister’s post, the Prime Minister (PM) as of last week received six nominations but did not reveal the names. However, sources from the National Assembly (NA) indicated five male and one lone female candidate who forms the cohort of what observers have dubbed as the β€˜Perfect Six’.The PM …

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EU commits 31m Euros

By Tashi Dendup The European Union (EU) committed its support of 31 M Euros to Bhutan for the next EU programming period which begins from 2021 to 2027. The gesture comes despite the EU withdrawing their support in early 2020. The Gross National Happiness Commission’s (GNHC) Secretary said other development partners also assured their assistance. A government press release stated …

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Plan outlay faring well despite the pandemic

12th Plan Capital Outlay will be reviewed and revised based on the implementation progress status and the resource mobilization position. Tashi Namgyal/Thimphu The capital outlay for Central Agencies is revised from Nu 50,000 million to Nu 56,233.82 million for the 12th Plan period. From the initial outlay of Nu 36,701 million to the revised outlay of Nu 41,581 million, the …

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