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DPT denies DNTโ€™s character assassinationย accusation

Druk Phuensum Tshogpaย (DPT) denies Druk Nyamrup Tshogpaโ€™s (DNT) president, Lotey Tsheringโ€™s claim of employing 20 youths to defame candidates in socialย media discrediting theย party.

At a press conferenceย on October 4, DPT General Secretary, Sangay Phurpa itย is a baseless allegation.

Lotey Tshering during his campaign in Mongar saidย that DPT has been engagedย in criticizing pledges of DNT and involved inย negative campaign. โ€œWe explain our pledges to the
people and avoid attackingย othersโ€™ manifesto,โ€ said the president.

Refuting the allegations, Sangay Phurpa said, โ€œIย donโ€™t know from whereย DNT got information ofย DPT employed 20 youth to defame them. Facing hardย time to pay salary to the office staff, I canโ€™t think of
employing that many youthsย to defame DNT.โ€ He said that DPT doesnโ€™t considerย questioning of pledges as criticism rather itโ€™s a cornerย re-examine the pledges and chance to explain.

He said that doingย away with cutoff point in encouraging but it willย have defects to apply in long-run. It will affectย quality of education as students will take it easyย and in particular privateย schools will be affected. Heย also quoted that itโ€™s not in line with the constitution.ย .

In Article 9, Section 16,ย states, โ€œThe state shall provide free education toย all children of school goingย age up to 10th standard and ensure that technical andย professional education isย made generally available
and that higher education isย equally accessible to all onย the basis of merit.ยป

DNT pointed out that 10,000 MW electricity byย 2030 and privatization ofย small hydro-projects willย have adverse effects on theย the gap the rich and poor with the nationโ€™s wealth inย the hands of few people.

Sangay Phurpa repliedย that it was good feedback and DPT take as anย opportunity to justify theirย pledges. He said that DPT is founded on utmost integrity,ย sincerity, and dedication toย serve Tsa-Wa-Sum and do
not see a reason to resort toย such unethical way to win elections which deviates from the party principleย โ€˜equity and justice.โ€™

General Secretaryย said, โ€œWe had and have no intention to defameย DNT and its desperateย way campaigning with aย sole aim to gain politicalย mileage rather than givingย a choice to the people.โ€ Heย also pointed out that DPT is party is getting caughtย in a barrage of fake socialย media to attempt to reduceย electoral chances.

By Sangay Rabten

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