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Drying water sources could force people out: Nangar farmers

The village had no proper drinking since 2010 By Kinley Yonten For the last three years, Dema, 47, had been the same routine every ay. She wakes up early takes a three-hour uphill walk or walk down to the stream to fetch drinking water. This is because Nangar village is increasingly facing water shortage. There is a water tap outside …

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Watch your mouth

Agriculture Minister Yeshey Dorji is known to be an honest man with a good sense of humour. However, his humour, if it was, on Friday was not appreciated. The opposition party is demanding an apology from the minister on calling the Member of Parliament from Bomdeling-Jamkhar, Dupthob Dorji, and an “MP from Falakata.” Falakata is in neighbouring India where most …

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His Majesty The King grants Audience to scholarship students

His Majesty The King granted an Audience to 160 undergraduate scholarship students from across the country, who will be pursuing their education in diverse fields in colleges around the world. The students are class 12 toppers, who will be studying medicine; pharmacy; microbiology; speech therapy; audiology; agricultural sciences; food science technology; veterinary science; civil, electrical, mechanical, chemical, water, mining and …

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Forging ahead together

The annual journalism conference was brief and precise. But there cannot be a more appropriate theme than the one they chose: “Forging ahead together”.   How do we move ahead together for the good of journalism? How do we forge to make journalism a respected and relevant profession? How do we forge together to move ahead? These are questions that …

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Time for the stick rule

Time for the stick rule The Thimphu thromde had let go hundreds of people who were found violating the solid waster management rules. They had warned the violators and would fine them if they repeat the offence. This is a good move from the thromde. The rules are in place and the thromde giving these people the last warning is …

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