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Primary School Children are the most vulnerable to Covid-19

The Multidimensional Vulnerability Index for Bhutan reveals a host of stark realities for Bhutan that need to be considered immediately By Chimi Wangmo The Multidimensional Vulnerability Index 2021 published by the GNHC and UNICEF Bhutan Country Office has revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic is changing peopleโ€™s lives in multiple ways. It has now become clear and more precise that the …

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The Increasing Role of Bhutanโ€™s Women Farmers

Compiled by Phurpa Wangmo Aum Kinzangmo, 36, lives with her three children, husband, and her parents in the heart of Buli village in Bhutanโ€™s Zhemgang Dzongkhag district. As a progressive farmer, Aum Kinzangmo cultivates a variety of vegetables in her 30 decimal kitchen garden. This enables her to earn a decent income by selling her produce to the nearby dratshang (monastic school), …

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