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Stringent tobacco laws on the cards

Staff Reporter After the historic Tobacco Act amendment, the government has now hinted at implementing stringent rules and regulations on distribution, sale and buying of tobacco and tobacco products. The government said not every shop will get to sell and distribute tobacco and tobacco products when the Tobacco Control Amendment Bill 2021 comes into enforcement. The Prime Minister, during the …

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The plight of class XII graduates

With not much alternatives left for higher education and training in the country, the future of thousands of class XII graduates remain at the crossroads By Rinchen Phuntsho Bhutan’s journey into modern education system has been a remarkable experience. In just a period of about six decades, the modern education system has expanded from about 11 schools prior to 1961 …

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Bhutan launches Diagnostic Trade Integration Study 2020

Chimmi Wangmo The Department of Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEA), in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF), launched the Diagnostic Trade Integration Study 2020 this week in the capital. UNDP-Bhutan said the comprehensive trade study identifies strategies and interventions to promote and diversify the country’s trade sector, support smooth graduation from the …

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The old slog while the young loiter

The LFS of Bhutan states that the age groups 65+ has the highest proportion of employed persons while the lowest proportion of employed persons is observed in the 20-24 age bracket  By Tandin Wangchuk The Labour Force Survey Report Bhutan 2020 reveals some startling realities into Bhutan’s vital statistics, including the information that females in Bhutan earn less than their …

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RCSC’s roadmap for the 12th FYP

By Chimi Wangmo The Royal Civil Service Council’s (RCSC) efforts for the 12th FYP will be to consolidate and firmly institutionalise the Civil Service systems that have been developed over many plan periods and in particular, the reforms introduced in the past. Among a host of other initiatives, RCSC said the systems that have been set up over the many …

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