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Gaydrungs worried after termination of contract

With the termination of contract of 74 gaydrungs (gewog clerk) on March 16, gaydrungs across the country are worried that the post will be removed making hundreds of them jobless.

Sangay Choden who served as gaydrung for 12 years in Shenga-Bjimi gewog, Punakha, said that it was disheartening to terminate gaydrungs despite having served the people at the grassroots. โ€œWith the news of gaydrung being terminated, I even lost interest to work,โ€ she said. She wished the government could stick to the resolution of the Parliament and take the clerks on long term contract. โ€œWith the Nu. 13,000 salary, I have been able to look after my family,โ€ she said. โ€˜โ€™How can I raise my children.โ€

Barshong gaydrung, Tandin Dorji expressed similar views. He said that most gaydrungs come from humble family background. โ€œWe are worried. Where will we go and what will we do?โ€ he said.

Gaydrung of Gesarling, Dagana, Sangay said that there will be impact on administering Local Governance (LG) work and it will increase work load on Gup and Mangmi. He said that most of the written works are carried out by the gaydrungs.

Sangay is also worried of losing his job. He said, โ€œAll the gaydrungs are not same, some may get other jobs but some may not. Some even have loans to pay.โ€ The gaydrung said their role is important at the local level. โ€œParliamentarians are discussing something in the Parliament and doing different on the ground,โ€™โ€™ he said

Ngawang Lhamo who served as gaydrung for 7 years in Phongmey gewog said she is in a dilemma. She said, โ€œIssues discussed and decided in the Parliament is becoming a joke,โ€ she said. โ€œWhere is the new governmentโ€™s slogan of Tshagay Malang (donโ€™t worry)? We are worried.โ€

She is worried about loan repayment.

Ngawang Lhamo said that government is not coming with concrete decision whether to keep the post or not which makes gaydrungs to loose interest in performing their duty. โ€œSometimes, government should consider our problems and the need of the post in the LG,โ€ she added.

What Gups, Mangmis and gewog administrative officers say

Mangmi of Bjimi gewog, Punakha, Phub Wangmo said that tax and insurance collections are done by gaydrungs and in their absence; it would be difficult for the LG office. She said, โ€œAll gewog fund settlement is done by gaydrungs and it is important to have gaydrungs.โ€

Mangmi of Barshong, Tsirang, Chandra Bahadur Mongar said the gaydrungs handles the gewog office when the gup and mangmi are out of gewog office to attend meeting or on village tour.โ€ He said it is important to have gaydrung, or it will have impact in the gewog.

Needup Zangmo a gewog administrative officer of Barshong, said that need of gaydrung may vary depending upon size and development work, but not having By Sangay Rabten Thimphu a gaydrung will hamper in the quality of service. Gewog administrative officer recommended for the need of gaydrung.

Phongmey Gup, Trashigang, Pelden Dorji said gewog clerks had been there in the past. โ€œClerks are important for the gewog office,โ€ he said.

Meanwhile, during the Friday meet, home minister Dasho Sherub Gyeltshen said that with 50 percent budget directly being disbursed to gewog, the gaydrungs are important. โ€œWe need more human resource at the gewog level,โ€ said the minister.

โ€œThe need for gaydrungs is there, but RCSE rule doesnโ€™t allow it. There is no fault in the rule.โ€Lyonpo said. โ€œThe ministry will look for a solution, but it will take time,โ€ he said.


By Sangay Rabten

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