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First ever solar-power project solely executed by locals

By Phurpa Wangmo In the very first of its kind, the 180 kilowatt solar plant at Ruebisa in Wangdue was solely executed by local contractors and no foreigner’s specialist were involved in the project. The supply, installation and commissioning of the pilot solar project was supposed to be completed within four months. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and recurrent …

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Corruption Watch: Clamping down fake TA/DA and mileage claims

By Tandin Wangchuk While fixing of accountability is crucial for treatment and prevention of corruption, the Royal Audit Authority (RAA) states there are some agencies who have not taken appropriate actions against individuals involved in corrupt practices. This, the Authority say, is one of the biggest impediments to fighting corruption in the country. While the actions to be taken solely …

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RAA to tighten the noose on corruption

The increasing incidences of fraud and corruption, and subsequent handling of corruption charges by agencies has prompted RAA to clamp down hard on perpetrators By Chimi Wangmo Over the recent years, the Royal Audit Authority has reported increasing trend of unresolved irregularities in their Annual Audit Reports. Just in the span of past four years the Authority reported cases of …

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The Unseen Walls Along the Boulder Trade Route

Bhutanese boulders bound for Bangladesh gets a stone-cold welcome along Indian Territories By Tashi Namgyal/Thimphu Boulder exports from Bhutan to Bangladesh, one of the chief natural resources the two countries share, have to go through a long bumpy ride along Indian highways. The growing export of Bhutanese boulders to Bangladesh has faced some problems recently while crossing the Indian Territory. …

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