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New Chador Lhakhang on the verge of completion

The people of Bartsham geยญwog in Trashigang, are eaยญgerly waiting for their newly under construction five stoยญried Chador Lhakhang.

Chador Lhakhang is one of the sacred monasteries in the eastern Bhutan. Iniยญtially, it was Goemba Ringยญbu but renamed as Chador Lhakhang after the replica of Chana Dorji, (Varjapani) was brought and kept in the temple. Later Dilgo Khyenยญtse Rinpoche gave the monยญastery new name, Sangdag Gaypailing.

โ€œThe construction of new Lhakhang was startยญed in 2006 by late Lam Kunzang Wangdi of Bartยญsham Dratshang. The old Lhakhang was small and gave lots of hindrances while carrying out religious activiยญties. So the new Lhakhang was constructed to improve the space congestion,โ€ said Gup Kezang Dawa of Bartยญsam.

Dorji Lopen of Bartsham Dratshang, Sonam Zangpo said that, the new Lhakhang is built with the financial support from Dzongsar Jaยญmyang Khyentse Rinpoche (Khyentse Foundation), Rigsar Construction Private Limited (RCPL), contractors and business community of Bartsham, and CGI sheets and timber from the Govยญernment as Kidu.

The Lhakhang is built in a traditional Bhutanese style with 90% concrete. โ€œInitially planned for two storied, but later decided to five storied, so that it can accommodate more people. It was expected to complete within 3-4 years but due to the budget constraint, it took almost 13 years.โ€ said Sonam Zangpo.

One of the workers, Chador Wangdi, said that almost 90% of the works are complete and consecration of new Lhakhang is expectยญed by the end of March next year. The villagers contribยญuted labor for the construcยญtion.

The local people are hapยญpy as the new Lhakhang is about to get completed.

21 years old Tenzin Chยญoden from Bartsham said, โ€œWe, the people of Bartยญsham are blessed with the new Lhakhang and the repยญlica of Chana Dorji. We are happy that our late Lam has put great effort to build this Lhakhang and pay my respect to him for his hard work which will benefit all sentient beings.โ€


By Yeshey Tenzin

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