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Youth abusing drugs a concern-The Royal Command to Triumph over

โ€œWe can fight with drugs like we have fought COVID -19 through our hard work, dedication and proper

By Dechen Pem & Dechen Wangda

During the 115th national day celebration at Changlimithang, His Majesty the King, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck expressed His Majestyโ€™s concern for youths on abusing drugs in the country during the royal address to the nation.
Drug trafficking is on the rise despite the fact that authorities have detained a number of people in connection with the illegal possession and smuggling of psychotropic chemicals and prohibited substances and measures and awareness in the country.

The insightful and immortal lines of His Majesty the Fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuck, โ€œThe future of the nation lies in the hands of our younger generation. It is, therefore, crucial that they live up to our high expectations and ensure the continued well-being of the people and security of the nation,โ€ this excerpt from the Forth His Majesty delineates imperative responsibilities that youths must shoulder in the making of the country and their importance. Today, on the 115th National Day, His Majesty the Fifth King further insinuated, โ€œYear by year situation will worsen if we leave our youths on abusing drugs, hence we must solve.โ€

In 2021 alone, illicit drug-related crime accounted for 9.4% of all criminal activities. In the same year, in terms of particular forms of drug crimes and substance abuse accounted for 70% of all drug crimes, followed by Illicit Trafficking of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances for 19%.

In 2022 alone Thimphu Police saw 139 youths involved in drug-related cases between January and July. Thimphu recorded the highest youth involvement in the drug-related cases compared to other dzongkhags. A total of 157 youths were arrested in the country with this span.

The number of youths involved in crime increased by 126 cases between 2020 and 2021, certainly a worrying trend
His Majesty the King said that together we can overcome the issue of drugs abuse among youth like we have overcome the pandemic collectively. โ€œWe can fight with drugs like we have fought COVID -19 through our hard work, dedication and proper planning.

His Majesty further said,โ€ This is a challenge that we must face. A reality that we must face. Failure is not an optionโ€. With this, His Majesty the King, forwarded unassailable commend to triumph battle against drugs and also showed way to battered with pragmatic analogy as Bhutan fought COVID-19 through concerted hard work, dedication and proper planning.

The 115th national day at Changlimithang, Thimphu was attended by almost 14,000 people of which 107 were infants below 1 year and 19 were senior citizens above 80 years-old. The theme for this yearโ€™s national day was, โ€œInnovation, Entrepreneurship and Technologyโ€.

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