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Waiting for report to commence Kuri-Gongri Hydro project

During the question hour session on Friday in the National Assembly, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Loknath Sharma informed the house that the start of Kuri-Gongri Hydropower project will depend on Detailed Project Report (DPR), which is expected to be complete by 2019. He said, โ€œUntil then, it is so early to discuss in the house.โ€

Kengkhar-Weringla MP, Rinzin Jamtsho raised an issue over the construction of 2640 MW Kuri-Gongri Hydropower project. He asked the Economic Affair minister, if the government is going to start the construction of Kuri-Gongri Hydropower project in 12th Five Year Plan. If then, he asked, โ€œWhen will it commence?โ€ He shared his view that it is with the objectives to create employment opportunities and generate revenue.

In response, Economic Affair Minister said that the construction of Kuri- Gongri Hydropower Project will depend on the DPR of project. He said the as it is one the biggest power project in the history of Bhutan, it will take time to complete the DPR. The minister informed the house, that the ministry had to do repeated analysis and nonetheless, it is expected to complete by 2019.

He also said that the project will add in the economic development of Bhutan with the maximum power generating capacity and it will also help in strengthening the diplomatic ties of India and Bhutan.


By Yeshi Tenzin

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