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Viral message taken out of context: Lyonpo Dr Tandi Dorji

โ€ฆ the government is discussing the difference of fuel prices 

Social media is rife with Foreign Minister, Dr Tandi Dorjiโ€™s voice message, subsequently, people are speculating different things.

To set the record straight, Lyonpo Dr Tandi Dorji said, the voice message has only gone viral as he talked about surrendering the ruling, and it was not much about the escalating fuel prices that made the message viral. 

He said that it has been taken out of context to understand different things, while his stand was only about fuel price, and fuel price negotiations.

Meanwhile, people say the message is sending a subtle message that no government can solve the issue that the government is presently facing. 

Others say the move was to promote electric cars in the country.

However, Lyonpo Dr Tandi Dorji told Bhutan TODAY that the government is ready to hand over the ruling to a competent party that understands the global economy, and about the pandemic better. 

Lyonpo said this was not much about the escalating fuel prices, it was only about โ€˜stepping downโ€™ that the people were interested. 

Further, he reiterated that the chances of global shortage of fuel is high.

He also added that the price of the fuel is not set by the Government of India. โ€œThe pricing is all set by the oil companies,โ€ said Lyonpo. 

Lyonpo said that the message was sent to clarify a question of his constituent in a private chat group.

In the viral voice message, Lyonpo is found saying, โ€œThe government has been constantly worried over the rising fuel prices.โ€

He then goes on to tell that the fluctuation of fuel price is not in the hands of the government.

Adding, the escalation is bound to happen in the country as prices soar in India and the world over. 

The government has been discussing the difference of prices in India and Bhutan.

Lyonpo further stresses that the aggravating situation is caused by the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, and consequently, there is no flow of fuel from Russia, so the people must understand the context. 

The voice message also highlights the lean possibility of sourcing the fuel in about two to three months, and price escalation occurring two to three times a week. 

Lyonpo also said that the government is finding ways to curb the soaring fuel prices.

Additionally, Lyonpo is also found saying โ€˜we are engulfed with the thought of completing the tenure, we feel like handing over the governance to a new governmentโ€™.

Meanwhile, Lyonpo clarifies that it was only said as his position as peopleโ€™s representative of the constituency, and not that as a foreign minister.

He was only clarifying the doubts, and the two positions he represents have differences. Also, the question was not directed to him as a foreign minister but as a constituencyโ€™s representative. 


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