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Uniform that demands respect and dignity of labour-Orange Clad

..๐’๐’“๐’‚๐’๐’ˆ๐’† ๐’„๐’๐’‚๐’… ๐’Š๐’ ๐’“๐’†๐’”๐’‘๐’๐’๐’”๐’† ๐’•๐’ ๐’•๐’‰๐’† ๐’๐’‚๐’•๐’Š๐’๐’โ€™๐’” ๐’„๐’‚๐’๐’

Sonam Deki

Shrouded in orange clad, serving tirelessly regardless of time, place, weather and work, be it national event, celebration, disaster, emergency but it is men and women in orange clads writing the success story and they are volunteers of Bhutan, guardian of the country and these volunteers are called Desuups.

Desuups under the entity of Desuung-Guardians of Peace are disciplined to take up a role in nation-building, aspire to develop sense of community and foster teamwork and instill spirit of โ€œvolunteerismโ€.

Desuung-Guardians of Peace was launched on February 14, 2011 by His Majesty the King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck. The word โ€œDeโ€ originates from โ€œDekyidโ€ which means peace and โ€œSuungโ€ refers to guarding. Therefore, Desuung means โ€œGuardians of Peaceโ€.

What makes these desuups selfless, empathic, resilient and refined person?
The 49th batch desuup Kencho Dema said, โ€œBeing Desuup makes us feel obligated to do everything for the sake of the people and the country. It also aids in changing our attitudes toward people and the country. Furthermore, people begin to expect from us because we have always stepped forward to assist them. People have the impression that Desuups are always prepared. Once a Desuup, youโ€™re a Desuup for life. The uniform itself has an instinct for instilling patriotism in us. We cannot remain aloft if we see people in need. We must assist them in any way we can โ€œ.

She further added, โ€œEven if one comes forward voluntarily to work, people do not recognize or appreciate like they do to Desuups. When people learn to recognize and appreciate works rendered by other citizens, the youth may gain confidence in their ability to do any type of workโ€.

Mongali Tamang, the 44th batch member said, โ€œI used to work in a hotel, but it had to close due to the Pandemic, and my main source of income came to an end. Desuup, on the other hand, was a blessing in disguise at the time. I was able to both serve the country and earn a living. I believe, I made the right decision by enrolling in Desuung because I can see the difference in myself. Iโ€™ve grown more optimistic and self-assured. Because we have to communicate with people all the time, my communication skills have improved too.โ€

โ€œFurthermore, my attitude toward any job has changed positivelyโ€ she added. โ€œBecause everyone is working hard in their own way, I feel that all jobs should be treated equallyโ€.

Roshni Gurung from the 47th batch stated โ€œI even quit my job to be deployed as a Desuup. Serving as Desuup was the best way for me to help Tsa-Wa-Sum. Furthermore, in comparison to other types of jobs, I feel Desuup is the most secure and promising considering its volunteerism in nature. It also provides training in a variety of fields, one can serve the country as long as we wish and as well as enhance skillsโ€.

Depak Rai, Pasakha Desuup Co-ordinator said โ€œI see that youth have changed dramatically after joining Desuung. Many of them have become more polite and lively. Furthermore, those who used to abuse substances have now completely stopped โ€œ.

Karma Mindu, deployment coordinator, said, โ€œI donโ€™t know about all, but for a few, I did notice some changes in their way of speaking, respecting, and willingness to do anything for the country.โ€

Similarly, Ugyen Wangchuk, Phuntsholingโ€™s regional coordinator, said โ€œI can sense certain changes in myself as well as in other Desuups. I used to be very hesitant to do any volunteer work, but now I participate in all of them. Participating in volunteer work makes me happy โ€œ.

Some of the friends and family of desuups have also agreed that getting into desuung has a positive impact on the youth.

Sangay Om, a mother from Punakha said, โ€œI used to be concerned about how my son would turn out. It gives me satisfaction to see him serving the country. Iโ€™m also pleased to see how my son has changed since becoming desuup. Unlike in the past, he is now more responsible and always strives to do good work โ€œ.

โ€œIt is impressive how desuup are always there to help in any kind of problem, on duty or not but as long as they are in the uniform,โ€ said Karma a resident of Paro.

โ€œWhile traveling in the city bus, I have noticed it is desuup who voluntarily sacrifices their seats for elderly people first,โ€ said Ngawang Dorji, 31 year-old commuter.

Tsherig Zam, 54 year โ€“old mother said, โ€œBefore, I would see my son sleeping the whole and later in the in the evening, he would just sneak out of the house. Sometimes, for days I would not see my sonโ€™s face and he would not even respond to my calls. I would have sleepless nights and worry for daysโ€. She happily added, โ€œToday, I feel like my son has grown up to be a man, he helps me with works and takes care of me as well as family affairs and I am very happy with my son. These days, he is either on desuung duty or helping at home. I have no words to thank His Majesty for his noble initiative of Desuung, who could have thought such a big idea, affecting everyone positivelyโ€.

Indeed, Desuung has not only made responsible sons and daughters but a responsible citizens to the country. Their selfless service to the nation and the people have re-defined dignity of labour, volunteerism and demanded respect.

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