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The Fallen Petals, a young boyโ€™s struggle

Sonam Deki and Tenzin Lhaden

The fallen petal is a journey of a young boy who comes from the corner of Tsirang in the
southern foothills of Bhutan.
Subash Ghishing Tamang is a writer who is passionate about writing authentic stories right from
his heart. 
He started his passion to write when he was in pre-university and he chose to be a writer because
reading, writing, and speaking English wrapped him in his emboldening world to express the true
realities of life. 
Subsequently, he started writing fabulous poems and articles on his social media page, โ€œA Drop
of Ink- The Journalist Diaryโ€. 
He expresses that writing has taught him the taste of literature, ways to create good stories, and
most importantly, ways to drive people to read oneโ€™s book. 
In consequence, he wrote his first book โ€œThe Fallen Petalsโ€ in 2017 when he was in 10 th  standard
where he presumes that choosing the name and creating role of the characters, and connecting
chapters forms his difficulties to write a book. โ€œBut creating the plot while writing is the most
difficult part he encounters,โ€ said Tamang. 
Tamang said that his book is based on a true story. 
He said that it is a story of a young boy who has not seen his mother since birth and has to
support the family although he loses his eyesight at a tender age. He dreamed of leading his life
with the fallen angel from heaven. On the journey of love, he had his personal health problems
which became a barrier between them. โ€œLove is the most venomous poison with the sweetest
fruits,โ€ said Tamang. 
The author talks about how amazing and admirable the protagonist is where a young boy shows a
perfect example to the readers. Moreover, the situation of this character is very much relatable to
his present life and is actually glad to be the author of this book. 
On that account, he specially dedicates this book to all the children who lost their mother and
have to suffer alone where life without a mother is a pinching field to experience. Also, readers
will be dragged down with the mixed feelings which would build commitment to cover every
chapter of the book. 
โ€œThe Fallen Petalsโ€ was published in January, 2022 at Bhutan Printing Solutions and received a
lot of love and support from the market. There are still a few more copies left so grab a copy of
his book.

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