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Setting new heights for education

In the effort to make our education system a holistic one, the government adopted a curriculum that aligned with a humanistic model, and together with it, new assessment criteria too.

The new assessment criteria did not go well with many teachers, students and parents, many students will have to undergo the same class for another year but this does not mean it will not bear fruits. The country is treading on newer goals setting higher standards.

In the new assessment criteria, for a student to go to the next higher class, students in classes VI to XII will have to score a minimum of 40 percent in both continuous assessment and written examination, this was different earlier; a student would only need a 40 percent score in written examination or securing a lower mark, the CA would help pull the score.

This has changed for good, this is to improve the quality of education. Here, we will get to see the concerted efforts of the teachers, students, and parents and this is the type of spirit a true education begets. This will produce world-ready citizens.

This assessment criteria will reveal studentsโ€™ actual learning, students will not only study just for the examination but they will study on a daily basis and this will lead students to become habitual readers, writers, and true students. Student assessment results can help students advance in their learning and support them in making informed decisions on the next step in their education, this will mean for written examination as well.

This will also help teachers to understand their students accurately and guide the weaker ones and also track their progress. This assessment criteria will also subtract the fact that โ€˜students do not base their decisions regarding approaches to learning on how they are taught but rather on how they will be gradedโ€™ and this is again another important blemish to remove from our studentโ€™s attitude.

By and by, this will also reveal a teacherโ€™s teaching capability and their guidance towards the students. As every now and then a student is assessed, it will also show the efforts of teachers. It will reflect both the pupil and teacher’s performance.

According to Prime Minister, Dasho Dr Lotay Tshering, this new assessment criterion calls for โ€˜wholesome effortโ€™, it will require the efforts of teachers, students, and parents.

Both the formative and summative part of a studentโ€™s journey is of utmost importance, it will bring out the strength and weakness of the curriculum set by the education fraternity and it will give a window to see the standard of our education too. This criterion will also ensure to enhance the quality of teaching and learning and make sure that students are undergoing deep learning in order to build their competencies to meet the demands of the 21st century.

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