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Ossey to have bypass, but no bypass for Riotala

The minister of Work and Human Settlement (MoWHS), Dorji Tshering said that there will be bypass in Ossey landslide area in a supplementary answer during question hour on Friday. The experts have recommended that the construction of bypass is the best solution to resolve the problem after study.

The minister informed the house that the government has already issued the work order to start the bypass construction, and budget allocation is included in the first year of the 12th plan. Lyonpo said, “The ministry will look for possibility to complete the bypass construction before monsoon starts.”

The minister of information and communication (MOIC) Karma Donnen Wangdi informed the house that he understands the problems faced by the people of Zhemgang, Trongsa, Bumthang and Gelephu due to the frequent landslides at Ossey and Riotala. Lyonpo was responding to the question raised by the Draagteng Langthil MP Gyem Dorji during the Friday question answer session.

MP Gyem Dorji questioned the Minister about the inconvenience caused by frequent road blocks and landslides at Ossey and Riotala on the Gelephu-Trongsa highway and governmentโ€™s stand on the construction of alternative routes for the safety of the commuters. He reminded the house that Gelephu-Trongsa highway is one of the oldest national road and lifeline for three Dzongkhags of Zhemgang, Trongsa and Bumthang. He further pointed out that irrespective of the seasons, continuous landslides at Riotala and frequent road blocks at Ossey has affected the business of above mentioned dzongkhags, and also asserted heavy risk to commuters’ lives. “It remains as cancer for road system of that locality,” the MP added.

Lyonpo Karma Donnen Wangdi said that the ministry had talked to the Sarpang Dzongkhag administration and the Dzongkhag have come with the resolution to construct 4km bypass. He said that as of now the work is in halt for having no approved budget. The minister hope to solve the road block problem after the Ossey bypass construction.

In addition, Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) had installed sign boards along the roadsides to avoid the accidents.

The Bardo-Trong MP Gyembo Tshering also expressed his concerns on the inconveniences caused by the frequent roadblock at Ossey, Riotala and ย Boxcutting. He said that Ossey and Boxcutting fall under the Sarpang Dzongkhag and Riotala under the Trongsa. The local government and the Dzongkag administration had approached to the work and human settlement ministry for the urgent intervention to prioritize the work so that the people of three Dzongkhags are benefitted. He also asked the minister on the need of clarification whether the construction will be done from the monsoon restoration budget or from separate budget.

On Riotala landslide, Lyonpo Tshering Dorji said, “Because of continuous landslide, experts have found out that the bypass construction is not possible and only a solution is to build drainage system and clear the blockage.”


By Phuntsho Wangdi

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