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NC: Public Debate

These days, National Council live debate of all the aspirant candidates is the most talked subject and the most watched telecast. Every Bhutanese are glued to the television set to watch the candidates from their Dzongkhags to make up their mind to cast their franchise for the right aspiring candidates who would make difference to their communities and the country as a whole. The ones who miss the live coverage can watch the re-telecast the next day.
Even the Bhutanese living abroad can access the debate through YouTube. We need to applaud and appreciate the excellent work done by Election Commission of Bhutan without whose effort, viewing the live debate at our home would be impossible. At the same time, we also need to acknowledge Bhutan Broadcasting Service for their relentless effort for the live coverage.
This time for the third National Council 2018 election, there are 127 aspiring candidates contesting with only 6 females. The contestants are from various diverse backgrounds, highly educated and possessing years of professional and other expertise. They are all well informed, putting up their best shots and giving stiff competition with all aspiring contestants, hoping to win. None are lying back, instead speeding forward. They all are not leaving any stones unturned. This is the essence and the beauty of any live debates but our live debate this time is the unique one which will come only every five years. Once missed, the public would lose the great opportunity to choose the best and the capable contender for the upper house.
The debate would have sparked more, if there are more women contestants but nevertheless 6 is still a good number considering small country like ours. As the debate is in full swing, it is offering various choices and the opportunity for the public to know the potential of their candidates better.
As the debate continues and will conclude before the most anticipated final destination โ€“ The Poll Day on April 20, 2018 when the nation will go on poll. It will be only after that the fruits of National Council debate will be declared.
Till then letโ€™s cross our fingers and sail together with Live Debate of National Council Candidates for 2018…

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