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Cast: Pema Yogini, ChetenWangchuk, Pelzom, SonamChophel, AumYangki, Kencho

Direction: ChetenWangchuk

Genre: Family Drama

Duration: 1 hour 11 minutes

Zukee, a Samuh original film, directed by ChetenWangchuk aka Apala, delves deeper into a young girlโ€™s quest to find her father.  Seventeen-year-old Zukee, a Layap girl, is tormented and teased by her peers for not having a father. Zukee lives with her grandmother who guards the secret to protect her granddaughter. But when the beans are spilled, Zukee leaves her village for the city in search of the father she never had.

Inspired by many real life cases, Zukee is a harsh exposition of the realities fatherless children go through and the stigma they suffer. Award winning actor Pema Yogini who plays the role of Zukee is brilliant as usual.

The film was partly shot in Laya, Gasa and you can get quite a few glimpses of this beautiful highland village. Zukee is currently streaming on Samuh.

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