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Lime Smearing Reflects a Lack of Civic Sense: A Call for Responsible Actions

โ€ฆlime smearing exacerbates scenic beauty, underscoring the urgent necessity to discontinue the practice for a cleaner Bhutan.

By Tenzin Lhaden

The practice of smearing lime on poles and walls can indeed make the environment look dirty and contradict the notion of a clean and well-maintained environment.
While it is disheartening to hear that the city cooperation is not taking direct action against the culprits responsible for lime smearing, it is crucial that they recognize the significance of this issue and actively seek solutions. The cooperation plays a pivotal role in maintaining the cleanliness and overall aesthetics of the city, making it essential for them to address the problem at hand.
It is crucial to promote cleanliness and preserve the natural beauty of a country, particularly when it comes to attracting tourists who have high expectations of a clean and pristine destination,” said Nima Dorji, a 32-year-old businessman.
To address this issue, Nima felt it is crucial to raise awareness among the local community, including residents and businesses, about the negative impacts of lime smearing on the environment and the overall image of the country.
โ€œFurthermore, it is important to consider the impact on tourists who visit our country with the expectation of experiencing the renowned cleanliness associated with Bhutan. When visitors arrive with the perception of a โ€œClean Bhutan,โ€ it is crucial that their experience aligns with their expectations. Lime smearing on poles and walls can create a stark contrast to the pristine image they anticipate, leaving them feeling disappointed and potentially even disheartened,โ€ he added.
A student at Mothithang Higher Secondary School echoes similar sentiments as Nima, as they have personally witnessed the environmental effects of lime smearing. The student expressed his frustration, saying, “The presence of lime-covered poles is incredibly frustrating, especially when I feel tired and just want to lean on the pole while waiting for the city bus after a long day at school. It’s disheartening to encounter such an inconvenience when you’re already fatigued and in need of some respite.”
The building owners acknowledge that it is difficult to identify the individuals responsible for smearing lime on the building walls, despite the presence of a conveniently located large dustbin just outside the building.
Sithar Dorji, a building owner in Babesa said, โ€œThe gravity of disappointment weighs heavily as I witness the gradual deterioration of the surroundings, marred by unsightly lime stains that blemish the newly painted and meticulously cleaned facade. The disheartening realization that the efforts invested in maintaining a beautiful and immaculate appearance are rapidly undone within a mere few days compounds the frustration and reinforces the urgent need for finding a resolution.โ€
The building owners are resolute in their determination to address this issue and restore the pristine atmosphere that every tenant yearns for, fostering a harmonious living environment that is both clean and inviting.
The Police department emphasizes that it is our responsibility to effectively communicate the message to the public, urging them not to litter and make the environment dirty. However, it is the city corporation’s primary duty to assume responsibility for maintaining a clean city.
Efforts should be made to raise awareness among the community about the negative impacts of lime smearing and its effects on public infrastructure. Encouraging responsible behavior and instilling a sense of civic duty can help minimize the occurrence of lime smearing and ensure that public spaces remain clean and accessible.

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