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Hidden Kingdom World Music Festival

By Sonam Deki

Hidden kingdom world music festival is an annual event of intentional stature to promote and showcase the rich tradition of folk arts; music and dance of the country to the world and other international festivals worldwide.
The second edition of hidden kingdom world music festival will be held from December 16 to 18 corresponding with 115th National day to the theme, โ€œMusic for all: promoting peace and harmony through musicโ€. The entire event is supported by Ministry of Information and Communication and Bank of Bhutan.

Ugyen Pandey, the organizer said โ€œThis program would not have been possible without the board member as all the board members are one with the experience in it. Even to design small flyer, all the design are looked by them. The theme for this festival is same, only difference is with the logoโ€.

โ€œThis year we had actually 15 bands from outside, but unfortunately due to SDF, some of them have to back offโ€.
World Music festival is a platform to showcase musical performance, taking Bhutanese music into international levels. This will also help to explore the music of different countries. This festival will also help to create Bhutan as an international music festival destination.

โ€œWe are also creating the dynamic websites with coding where international musicians and audiences can book online for this festival in future. Along with popular band, itโ€™s obvious that their fan would follow too and this would help to boost the tourism.This festival is initiated by the team of professionalism in terms of technical and management. Moreover, the focal person for technical has been also hired from other countries.โ€ he added.

Hidden world music festival will also provide three separate workshops for music enthusiast who will be facilitated by expertise from different countries, where they would be connected to international musicians to learn about stage presentation and on composing their own songs. It also has the economic benefit as this act is the platform to market Bhutan as a strong cultural destination, adapting a local business in the festival at the same time. Moreover, it is an opportunity to provide greater economic opportunities, raise the international profile and sustain international media attention to Bhutan. This festival creates the platform to uplift the tradition and culture by substantial international awareness of Bhutan and its culture.

Why โ€œHidden Kingdom World Music Festivalโ€?
It is a public benefit festival which would bring the world together through music and promoting the tradition and music culture of Bhutan by empowering local artist. A platform to bring all the people of the country together with the help of festival, experiencing the food and the culture of every district in the country.
Moreover, it will also help to create employment to youths and artist.

This will also provide international performing arts practitioners with a one stop access to the blossoming Bhutanese market.
Following are the participants of the events:
โ€ข 9 local bands will perform for the festival with different genre.
โ€ข 4 Korean bands will participate virtually live for the festival.
โ€ข Trance Effect, a popular band from Reunion Island will perform virtually in the festival.
โ€ข Mrs. Suchetha Satish, a Guinness World Record receptionist will appear as special guest performer for the event virtually.

The Future provision of this festival is to introduce folk festival as an annual event for all the artist around the country and to ensure exchange programs for youths and artists.Showcasing the local bands in international platforms and creating business space for locals in the festival

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