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Gaining mileage?

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgday has lambasted the Druk Namrup Tshogpa for making noise so that they may be seen and heard.
The issue follows what DNT said about the governmentโ€™s fiscal policy. They asked for the Prime Minister and the Finance ministerโ€™s resignation reasoning that the fiscal incentives the government decided was unconstitutional.
The Prime minister hit where it hurts the most. He said that DNT is not in the parliament and they issue press releases so that the party can be seen and heard. He also said that if the party made noise on relevant issues, it was ok.
The debate is interesting. And we can expect more of this as 2018 approaches. With the next parliamentary elections just about a year away, there will be a lot of politicking. We can expect political parties outside the parliament make noise. We will see the government respond. Lets not be surprised. This will happen, as political parties will do whatever it takes to gain some mileage, legally. Criticising the government is a one way and lambasting the parties is the other.
What is good is that the voters, those who are following the political developments, will benefit from the debate. It will be good to see parties exchange accusations and allegations, as this will help voters decide whom to vote in 2018.
DNT, although not in the parliament has the right to voice its concerns. The opposition, whatever happened, is not as strong as in the beginning, and it is the responsibilities of the parties to make issue, if they feel it is right.
The government shouldnโ€™t write it off as mere campaigning and look into the concerns i, like the prime minister said, the issues are based on understanding and of national importance. There is a need to keep the government on toes. The opposition has an important role and beyond the opposition, it is the political parties who will do.
Not many have the platform or the courage to do it. A civil servant, for that matter, even a government secretary, will not do it because they cannot meddle with politics. The government has the mandate to civil servants are there to follow it. Not many will raise a voice even if they think it is wrong. It would be seen as not being apolitical.
DNT will respond to the prime minister accusation. There will be a debate. And we should enjoy the debate, as it is always said theta the beauty of democracy is differences.
If the party, DNT, really think that the government had taken an unconstitutional decision, they should take the government to the court. They have all the right.
As 2018 approaches, we will see a lot of issues in the public forum. Not many will make it tot the mainstream media. It is god that people are debating. What we need today is discourse to build on the foundation of our young democracy.

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