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Fruits, food and health: PM shows concern

Every after the Friday Meet, the reporters from various media houses are served hot honey-lemon tea with different kinds of fruits. The new refreshment trend began since the government of the day took office.

Through health perspectives, eating fruits are considered as a part of overall healthy diet which reduces risk of various chronic diseases. It also provides nutrient vital for health and maintenance of human body.

The Prime Minister (PM) seemed conscious about the health of those who attended the weekly press meet. He said that the exchequer of the country, which is supposed to be the medias need to stay fit and in good health. He said, โ€œNow, that I am in governance, it is even dearer because your ill health is going to cause this exchequer more.โ€ He added that if everyone took care of themselves, the country could save billions of dollars in 80 years of life span.

He also emphasized on the unhealthy habits of the Bhutanese people who tend to eat more rice and more salt. He said, โ€œBhutan is one of the highest regarding rice and salt consumptionsโ€. He eminded that these are one of our unhealthy food practices.

As per the Bhutan Report on Rice (2013) carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF), it states that rice is the most consumed cereal in the country. It states, โ€œThe per capita consumption of rice is computed at 172 kg milled rice per year.โ€

However, the paper shows that rice is not the largest produced cereal in the country. With the 47 percent self sufficiency in rice, Lyonchhen said that MoAF aims to raise the bar at 65 percent in the 12th Five Year Plan. However, he also said that the ministry was skeptic with the percentage they aimed at. Nevertheless, it was learnt from the PM that the government will be able to achieve the goals set regarding the rice self sufficiency.

โ€œWe can do it by not just increasing the production of rice but by reducing the demand on it and also by reducing its consumption,โ€ he said. He added that by such reduction, it will not only benefit the government in its expenses but also the health of every individual.


By Kinley Wangchuk

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