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Fire mishap costs a life at Paro petrol pump

โ€ฆ another one survives the fire mishap
Puran Gurung

A 29-year-old Nim Dorji Tamang lost his life in the line of duty on July 1 in a fire
accident at a petrol pump at Bondey, Paro.
The deceased was on his night duty and the fire mishap took place around 9 to 9:30
pm. There are no clear reports on the cause of fire, there was no gas leak or electric
According to the mother of the deceased, she said there is no sign of report of the
accident that led to the fatality. โ€œThey have only given a welfare contribution (Semso)
of Nu 30,000 and there were no condolence visits too,โ€ said mother of the deceased.
โ€œI am looking for a full report of the accident,โ€ said the mother.
Subsequently, the bereaving family lodged a request to the Royal Bhutan Police
seeking a report of the accident.
The family said that the Royal Bhutan Police is extending all the support. โ€œRBP said
they will fully investigate the case and forward it to the court,โ€ said the family.
They added that the investigation is underway.
However, the family doesnโ€™t suspect any foul play.
The deceased, Nim Dorji Tamang has been serving the Paro fuel depot for the past six
years. He has two children, and he pays child support of Nu 1,500 to his first child
with his former wife, and he is also the sole breadwinner of the family.
Nim Dorjiโ€™s mother is a cleaner at PHPA-II while his father is jobless and stays in
their village, Tsirang. He also looks after his younger brother who is a student.
Owing to such circumstances, his mother said that they will face strenuous life
ahead, and the company that her deceased son had been serving should
compensate well.
The petrol pump manager Sonam Jamtsho said the fire mishap took place when he
left the workplace at around 7pm or 7:30pm, and that he had heard the explosion but
he took it for a tyre burst.
Later, a neighbor informed him that the blast was from the petrol pump. โ€œI
immediately called my office and found that there was a fire mishap,โ€ said the petrol
pump manager, and then he had rushed to the petrol pump. โ€œThere I found out that
was an accident, I also saw cracks on the wall,โ€ he added.
The manager said that the deceased will get all the benefits he should get. โ€œI think
the benefits will be released as the investigation gets over.

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