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DNT and DPT thank the people

Look forward to work together

With the much anticipated 2018 elections over and Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) winning, the two political parties that participated in the general elections are thanking the people for giving them the opportunity and participating in the elections.

In a press release, the DNT stated, โ€œIt was so gratifying to witness and hear of people turning up in droves to 865 polling stations across the country yesterday. They had all come to make a choice and play their part in the third, yet historic, parliamentary elections.โ€

The general elections on October 18 saw a voter turnout of about 71.46 percent, more than in the primary round.

โ€œFrom those that travelled and walked long distances, to many that made up the long queues at the polling stations yesterday, and to the postal voters here and overseas, Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa would like to thank every Bhutanese that entrusted us with the mandate to form the government.โ€

DNT stated that they will serve the people with utmost humility and live up to the shared hopes and aspirations of the country.

โ€œThis election outcome is a result of our collective wisdom and prayers to realize a better, happier Bhutan. This shall be achieved through our many commitments that are targeted toward improving the lives and prospects of the people of Bhutan under the broad theme of Narrowing the Gap,โ€ the press release stated.

The party also congratulated DPT. โ€œWe offer sincere Tashi Delek for securing the mandate of the opposition. Our interactions, be it during debates or the common forums, have only contributed to the resolve of the political parties and strengthening of the process,โ€ it stated.

โ€œAll through the campaign, over several phone calls, the two party presidents acknowledged each otherโ€™s efforts and urged each other to work harder for national interest. We have no doubt this partnership will prove effectual while working together for the country here on.โ€

The party also thanked the other two parties who contested in the primary round. โ€œFor their participation in offering a choice to the Bhutanese electorate, we would like to thank PDP and BKP, the two political parties that enriched our experience in this electoral process and contributed meaningfully to strengthening our democracy,โ€ DNT stated.

DNT will now sit down down with all political parties to sketch out a roadmap, Vision 2045, and discuss where we can work together to take this nation forward.

The party also thanked Election Commission of Bhutan for a free and fair election observed and successful conduct of the election and the armed forces for โ€œthe secure, smooth and peaceful process.โ€

The party also paid its gratitude to the Zhung Dratshang and all other Goendeys and religious institutions.

โ€œGuided by the visions of His Majesty, Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa looks forward to working together with the people of Bhutan, so that we fulfill the dreams and aspirations of Bhutan for all times to come.โ€

The President and members of Druk Phuensum Tshogpa congratulated president Lotay Tshering and Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa for pulling out a big win in this election. In a statement, DPT said, โ€œIt has been both rough and exciting journey for last three months, and of course an enriching one. Winning and losing are the part of game.โ€

โ€œMore than winning 17 seats, we are happy to be a part of this historic election. We are humbled and will remain ever indebted to all the people of this peaceful country for supporting us.โ€

โ€œWe are more than happy to any role that the people bestow upon us. And now that we are the Opposition Party, we look forward to serve the King, people and country with utmost dedication for next five years. โ€œ

The party also thanked all the members and supporters for being with them and supporting them throughout the elections


By Phurpa Wangmo

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