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Difficult times, difficult decisions

Many are on a constant seeking business โ€“ when does this thing happen, what is next, who is responsible, how will we do it, so on and so forth.

Sometimes, the answer is within.

If not, we need to practice waiting for it. This is a difficult time and difficult times always call for difficult decisions and those decisions must be respected. The ones holding powers to make decisions canโ€™t call shots to the publicโ€™s call and beck, because a certain section of the society calling for one action is not necessarily the call of the whole populace and it is not always good for the country.

Once the government makes a decision, it goes through a lot. Some of us like it, others whine but the governmentโ€™s work is also not to please everyone. If so, the government is not working at all because most of the time we say that if people complain, then there is something good is done.

At such times, we all face problems because we are obstructed from our natural order of life, and to feel the distressing time is the only normal thing at such times.

No government will want the country to fail at making peoplesโ€™ lives easier, and happier. They will try to make everyone as happy as possible.

The services are not exceptionally good, this happens and we are all learning. This is new to everyone, what worked in the past is not working today.

Today, people have been yelling at the top of their voice, this time around, writing all over the social media platforms about everything else, and very few are getting their armchair research right and appreciating the government.

This is a time to show solidarity, not really the right time to ask who is responsible.

However, it is also the mandate of the government to strategize and normalize situations in the country. When unpleasant things start stretching, everything will start reeking and the hues and cries of the people are only relevant. Adding to the wound, when at such times the government fails to streamline the basic services and supplies, it makes no point to console the people, it is only a cause for backfire.

The government must take the feedback of the general public positively, people harp bad ones too, but it is only a reasonable claim, and marching to the right ones is the responsibility of the government of the day.

In the end, everything will be smooth, if not, we will need to wait and work together to smoothen the creases. It is a collective responsibility to build a nation.

For want of a battle, the kingdom was lost. And all for the want of a horseshoe nail, this is something we need to reflect upon at such trying times.

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