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Away from archaic offices and chaotic workplaces

By Tashi Dendup

WorkSpace Thimphu, an innovative idea to help young Bhutanese startups with low budgets to find office space to do their work, is a new enterprise that plans to make it big.

The concept is similar to the famous American company WeWork, whereby WorkSpace Thimphu will facilitate Bhutanese entrepreneurs and freelancers in a professional and comfortable co-working space. It is purely designed for Bhutanese audience.

There is a high demand for co-working space in country. Many use cafes such as coffee culture, ambient cafes as poor substitutes.That is because cafes are noisy, seating is unreliable and there isnโ€™t any work atmosphere.

The company was conceptualized when they realized that there isnโ€™t any co-working space that is of international standards in Bhutan. The platform also aims to create a community of high Bhutanese thinkers and networking spot in Thimphu.

The platform will bring young Bhutanese entrepreneurs and startups to work together, learn from each other and work on what they want to within a monthly affordable monthly rates.

The innovative idea was founded by Khando Chuckchey Wangdi, 19, and Ngawang Phuntsho Wangdi who is 21-years-old.

The founders are siblings and the brothers are confident that both of them will play critical roles in making their project a professional and comfortable co-working space.

Chuckchey is a sophisticated Bhutanese teenager youth who has visited more than 15 countries around the world. He is a digital nomad and resides in Dubai, UAE.

He is passionate about Blockchain and Crypto and has attended multiple VIP conferences such as Ritossa Summit and AIBC summit in Dubai.

Ngawang is a young and budding entrepreneur who is attached to Bhutan and her people. He wants to work and put efforts in building something in Bhutan and will help set new standards for Bhutanese businesses.

The founders treat WorkSpaceThimphu as their pet-project that will need all the care and love to become a functional and self-sustaining co-working space in Thimphu.

The business is fully financed by Khando Chuckchey Wangdi, who is also a digital nomad resident in Dubai working for a US entity that has projected net worth of $2billion US dollar in ten years for about three years.

Despite being a young prodigy, he has friends in Dubai that includes elites from Saudi Arabia and multiple successful businessmen that are friends and co-workers of the founder.

Chuckchey is also into Crypto trading and is highly knowledged in the Al field, Blockchain and the service sector.

The business will be fully operational by October this year and currently they have a waiting list on the website where people can join the queue to become WorkSpaceโ€™s subscribers. They have more than 30 people who have already joined their list with many more joining each day.

The business located on the top floor of Changlam building in the center of Thimphu city where it is easily accessible by cars, public transportation or on foot.

Among a host of interesting features, the companyโ€™ will have a service robot that will assist the workers, fast internet connection, laser printing and scanning and fingerprint access for entrance with security features.

WorkSpaceThimphu will also have a unique pricing model that is designed based on customer convenience over making profit making.The price structure are Nu.450 for daily pass, Nu.7500 for monthly access and Nu.95,000 for yearly access.

The fee guarantees a seat space for the whole day unless specified being done for the day by the worker. The worker will have access to WorkSpace for the whole day and will be allowed to go in and out as pleased. One voucher for proper drink is included.

The business plans on collaborating with expat professional mentors that will advise and help some of the Bhutanese entrepreneurs and startups that requires tips and ideas.

It will also collaborate with some of the help of the Bhutanese entrepreneurs and startups that have great ideas whereby we provide them free office to work and mentorship in exchange for a small equity share of their company.

There are many young Bhutanese with great ideas that need support and the spur to give shape to their ideas, however, this pair of brothers have gone the extra mile and given shape to their dream.

The rest is bound to be history.

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