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Annual Lhuentse Tshechu concludes

Lhuentse held its annual Tshechu starting from eight till twelve of eleventh month of the Bhutanese calendar. The 5 days long tshechu was performed in the courtyard of the Dzong. The festivals consisted of various masked dance including Deygye Bakcham (Vasana masked dance of eight classes of violent deities), Guru Tsengye (Eight manifestation of Guru Padmasambhava) and traditional cultural dances. Hundreds of people from almost all the villages from Lhuentse gathered in the courtyard despite the cold weather to witness the tshechu.

Dasho Dzongda of Lhuentse, Jambay Wangchuk commented on the grand arrangement of the tshechu. He said that preparation for the tshechu is headed by the Dzongkhag administration and volunteers. Dasho Dzongda added, โ€œThis year unlike the past, we have made arrangements to mark the 111th National Day and Birth Anniversary of Zhabdrung Nagwang Namgyel coinciding with the annual tshechu.โ€ He added that it was a very significant days for the people in the Dzongkhag.

Chimi Wangmo, 41, from Gangzur, prays for the wellbeing of all sentient beings and the future generations to be blessed by witnessing the tshechu. She said that the tshechu is once in a year and she has come to the religious event early in the morning to look her seat in the crowd. She added, โ€œI believe that witnessing the masked dances, it can purify all my negative deeds.โ€

Tashi Lhaden 23, of Menbee, expressed her happiness being able to take part in the festival. โ€œIโ€™m truly happy that I got to celebrate three important occasions. It is my first time that Iโ€™m celebrating three occasions in one time frame zone,โ€ added Tashi Lhaden.

The tshechu ended with Guru Wang, Thongdral and relics were displayed to the people for the blessings

Dasho Dzongda also expressed his concern about the limited place in the courtyard of the Dzong. He said that the courtyard of the Dzong can only accommodate around hundreds of people. However, there is a congestion of space particularly during wangs. He explained about the dzongkhagโ€™s plan to make convenient, making sports complex in Thinleygang, Menbee Gewog as venue, where many activities such as National day celebration and annual tsechu can be performed. However, he said, it is not yet approved from National Land Commission, as some part of land is owned by private owners. He said that they are looking for other solutions.


By Yeshi Tenzin

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