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An inclusive government indeed

There has been a long silence from the new government since the Khadar ceremony earlier this month. People are wondering and even questioning what the government is doing.

It seems that the government had been busy finalising the 12th Plan. The government has already lost about six months and will have to get things rolling to ensure the massive 12th Plan succeeds.

In trying to finalise the Plan, the government had done a commendable job. They are not only trying to accommodate their pledges into the plan, but are also looking at the possibility of incorporating other political partyโ€™s pledges. This is a good trend the government is setting.

Political parties campaigned for power on various pledges. To the average Bhutanese voters, it is the pledge of the political party that their decisions are based upon. Not many will look beyond what their village gets or lose. Although the parties had different manifestos, the pledges were more or less the same.

The newly elected government, is considering taking on board, the pledges of other parties will narrow the differences politics created during the run up to the elections and after it. The government had already ensured that theirs would be an inclusive government. They are leading by example as of now.

Like the foreign minister said, most of the pledges were same. This would have already made the work easier. The government should look into all the pledges and try to reason out why some should be left and some should be taken on board. They should also be bold enough to decide to drop some of theirs if they think it was populist, and not based on practicality. For instance, it will be against good decision if the government goes ahead providing vehicle import quota to all the households in Bhutan. We know it is appealing, but it is not practical.

The government is also trying to align the Five Year Plan period to the election cycle. The logic is good. We hope the other political parties will support the proposal, although the opposition is already in an opposition tone.

If the Plan activities are affected, it will also tell on the governmentโ€™s success. Political parties should not look at ensuring the government of the day fail, but support them for the benefit of the people and the country.

Political parties will come and go, it is the system that will stay forever.


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