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An Exclusive with ๐‹๐ก๐š๐œ๐ก๐ฎ ๐ƒ๐ž๐ฆ๐š

Art serves as a conduit for conveying thoughts and emotions through tangible mediums such as painting, sculpture, film, and various other creative forms. Lhachu Dema, a talented painter who passionately expresses her inner thoughts and emotions on canvas for the world to see. She has participated in various competitions, both nationally and internationally, and some of her pieces have been sold worldwide.

Q. Being an artist, what does art mean to you?
A. Art, in my view, is intricately connected to spiritual, religious, and cultural beliefs. It should be accessible and meaningful to people of diverse abilities, including those who are deaf, blind, and have other disabilities.

Q. Can you describe your artistic style?
A. In the past, all forms of art adhered to traditional styles, whereas today, there is a fusion of traditional and modern elements in artistic expressions. I, too, embrace the approach of blending traditional and modern art styles.

Q. Is there an artist who serves as a source of inspiration for you and has had a significant influence on both your work and life?
A. During my middle school years, I developed a strong passion for art. Upon finishing middle school, I pursued this interest by enrolling in Zorig Chusum. It was there that I had the chance to meet Teacher Tshewang, who, during a vacation period, offered me an opportunity to work in his gallery. Presently, I am actively engaged in working with him.

Q. As an artist, what changes has it brought to your life?
A. Becoming an artist prompted me to delve deeper into life and societal dynamics. I observed a shift from traditional roles where women primarily stayed at home, handling household chores and childcare. The contemporary landscape reflects a change, with more women concentrating on building careers and securing their futures. As an artist, I aspire to contribute to my familyโ€™s well-being and offer guidance to the younger generation.

Q. Do you exclusively adhere to traditional artistic styles when painting, or have you also ventured into the realm of modern art?
A. I engage in both traditional and modern art, incorporating realistic features into my work.

Q. As an artist, which of your art pieces do you regard as your favorite, and what makes it stand out to you?
A. I consider my favorite art piece to be from the โ€œArt Unitedโ€ exhibition where I depicted a flower. The satisfaction and pride I felt stemmed from the fact that I poured all my creativity and emotions into that artwork.

Q. What are your aspirations for the future as an artist?
A. Looking ahead, my aspiration involves furthering my current role at Art United. Although Iโ€™ve recently started working there, my future goal is to dedicate myself to the organization, striving for success and recognition. I aim to contribute to the growth of Art United, creating more employment opportunities for artists in our country.


I wish to communicate to all young individuals that they can pursue their interests without worrying excessively about their future. To establish a name for themselves, itโ€™s not necessary to engage in strenuous labor like men; instead, they can channel their efforts into focusing on their passions to achieve their goals.

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