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By Sangay Rabten

As a young lady of 28 and surrendering apartment in Thimphu, currently staying in Gelephu helping her par­ents in doing manual work and working equally with laborers, Tshering Denkar chosed her own destiny even leaving behind the job offer. She has Masters in Tourism Management from Naresu­an University, Phitsanulok, Thailand. She realized her dream and passion of travel­ing and climbing the moun­tains. For this, she started traveling and blogging.

Despite women in gen­eral, feel insecure to travel lonely, Tshering Denkar is courageous enough to travel alone. She is a solo traveler looking for the historical and natural description of the places she visits. She said, “I am a wanderer with gypsy soul and my heart’s hard calling for hiking up on the mountain and love for traveling, I have started traveling and blogging.” She said that she like to go to new places and even to familiar places to rediscover. This is with the aim to expe­riences incredible sojourn and shares the experiences through blogging.

The other reason for her blogging is that our Drukyul has so much to offer with abundance natural resourc­es, rich culture and heritage. But she noticed that Bhuta­nese go for vacation to Bang­kok saying they love concert jungle which sounds cli­ché. Tshering Denkar told, “I believe that the perfect gateway may not take you far from home but you can choose a place that you have never visited before.”

Blogging has become first of its kind in Bhutan which is arm chair and part time blogging. Tshering Denkar wanted to explore more of local destination on full time passion to pro­fession of blogging to shareadventures and mini holiday destinations to public. Trav­eling constantly and sharing photographs in social media inspired her more where it helped her to recover from depression and anxiety. Since then she became more committed to invest in blog­ging.

Though there are not many people reading her travel blog, she has broad­ened her niche for visual lover by doing Vlog in You­Tube. Tshering Denkar blog about places sharing her personal narratives of des­tination, food and aspire tourists to meet their ex­pectation when they are in Bhutan. She gives genuine review of places, hotels and fun activities of places she visits.

Some tours company misunderstands her think­ing as competitor. Here, she said, “One should know that travel bloggers are like a bridge to tour operators and aspiring traveller.” She also added that people got to understand travel bloggers help to grow and promote places more digitally. She shared her views that stake­holders in tourism industry should take travel bloggers into consideration.

Talking about sustain­ability and investment re­quired in blogging, she tells that more than money, one should invest time. To sat­isfy image resolution when shared outside Bhutan, she instructed to have one good camera when she gave talk to the students of Motithang Higher Secondary School. However to sustain work, she earns little by writing ar­ticles to few travel agencies.

She faces the challenges of being woman about safety and security though nothing has happened till now. The most notable challenges the blogger faces is that Bhuta­nese people doesn’t share their blog to help to promote their work. “I don’t under­stand why people wouldn’t share or help to promote Bhutanese Blogger, where as a month ago, American travel blogger in Bhutan was shared by hundreds of Bhutanese, “she said. It’s worrisome how local blogger can boom when they doesn’t receive much help from the audience.

Tshering Denkar is in­spired by her family en­couragement and good feedbacks from the follow­ers. She expressed, “Family is backbone of my blogging sojourn.” Her parents and sister have supported lot in her blogging.

Tshering Denkar‘s blog is local centric giving hike up of mountains, rivers, tem­ples, holiday places within Bhutan. She said, “Someday I hope to become an ‘influ­encer marketer’ in travel in­dustry. As a blogger she will continue to promote des­tination and is pessimistic of brighter future for travel blogger.


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