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Trainings and sustainability top media issue

Sustainability of media, need for training and lack of technical skills dominated the discussions when journalists and media owners met at a half-day stakeholdersโ€™ meeting organized by the Bhutan Media Foundation (BMF).

The meeting organized by the Foundation discussed mandate of BMF, fundraising, strategic plan, communication, current status, SWOT analysis of the media (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat), professional growth, media development, sustainability and areas of collaboration for BMF and media. The meeting aimed at identifying issues and challenges the media houses faces and incorporate into the foundations new strategic plan. The Executive Director of BMF, Needup Zangpo insisted upon SWOT analysis wanting to hear from the representatives.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bhutan Today, Tenzin Dorji said that private media houses are persistently inflicted by challenges of sustainability. In the meeting it was pointed out that lacking technical skills is the main weakness. The participants came to the resolution that all the media houses need to work on going online transition following the worldwide trend.

CEO of Gyalchi Sarsho, Gembo Dorji pointed out that media houses did not get enough support from BMF and Journalists Association of Bhutan (JAB). He expressed his hope that with the new Executive Director, media houses will get support.

Pema Choden, the CEO of Yeewong magazine, said the BMF should help media outlets get license for multimedia. She also said BMF should give more specialized training. The participants said that the BMF should to focus on specialized trainings like digitization of media contents as basic trainings are given by many other organizations. They also requested for out-country study tour and exchange program.

The executive director said that exchange and study programs are incorporated in strategic plan of the foundation. Around fourteen media managers and editors from the print and broadcast media attended the meeting.

BMF was established in 2010 through a Royal Kasho granted by His Majesty The King to foster the growth of a strong and responsible media.


By Leki Dema

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