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Tears, Joy, and Relief as Graduates Share Stories of Triumph and Success

โ€ฆthis achievement has brought immense joy to me, as it has always been my dream to serve as a civil servant

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The Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) unveiled the results of the Main Examination for the Bhutan Civil Service Examination (BCSE) 2023 on December 7.

Out of the 2014 graduates who participated in the BCSE 2023 Main Exams, a commendable 71.94% have emerged triumphant. The declaration ushers in joy for 678 graduates, set to be appointed to various civil service positions and commencing their official duties on January 1, 2024.

Further diversifying their paths, 245 graduates have opted to pursue a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) for 18-month duration.

Tenzin Drukgyel, securing the top position in the RCSC from the Technical Category (Bio Science), expressed his surprise and delight at this achievement. He remarked, “I never expected to be the top performer in the RCSC, especially in the field of Bio Science. It was a pleasant shock for me, and I couldn’t be happier. This marks my first time leading the national examination, and the feeling is truly indescribable.”

He continued, “Nevertheless, this achievement has brought immense joy to me, as it has always been my dream to serve as a civil servant. I genuinely believe that hard work never goes unrewarded.”

Yeshey Pelden, who secured the first position in the Administrative category, expressed her emotions, saying, “Upon receiving the results, I was overwhelmed with joy. However, my gratitude surpassed everything else. I felt thankful for the unwavering support, prayers, hard work, guidance, and assistance I received throughout the process from my parents, teachers, and loved ones. It was a moment where I saw my dedication and efforts paying off. Achieving the highest score in the RCSC was not something I had anticipated. While I was confident in my preparation and the support I received, securing the top position was a delightful surprise that added an extra layer of happiness to my accomplishment.”

She continued, “This is my first time securing the top position in the RCSC. It brings me immense satisfaction to have this opportunity to make a significant achievement and to bring pride to my parents, teachers, and loved ones. This success marks a milestone in my academic journey, and I am grateful for the support that has led me to this point.”

Cheki Yangzom, who secured the top position in the B.Ed category, shared her emotional journey upon learning about the results. She expressed, “Upon the announcement of the results, a whirlwind of emotions swept over me. Initially, there was an anxious anticipation to see the outcome, and my thoughts were filled with fear about the possibility of not making it through. When the results were revealed, a wave of happiness and relief washed over me, creating a blend of joy and a sense of accomplishment. I am delighted to affirm that my hard work, dedication, and sincere study sessions have truly paid off. Contrary to any expectations, I never foresaw achieving the highest score in the RCSC. In fact, I grappled with thoughts of possibly compromising my papers, fearing the prospect of not making it through. The period leading up to the result declaration was marked by genuine worry and nervousness.”

She added, “While I could not secure the top positions in class X and XII, I did top in home examinations. However, this marks my first time securing the top position in the RCSC.”

Jamyang Loday, securing the first position in the Dzongkha category, shared his thoughts, saying, “I was genuinely astonished and couldn’t believe that I had achieved such a milestone. Initially, my expectations were modest, simply hoping to secure a place in the PGDE program at Paro. Despite my demanding schedule as a substitute teacher, I devoted my utmost effort to excel in the RCSE exam. Balancing teaching responsibilities with exam preparation proved challenging, especially since I couldn’t attend coaching classes or return to college for additional tuitionโ€”unlike my peers who had those opportunities. The credit for my success belongs to the unwavering support of my family, teachers, friends, and the students and colleagues at Rinchen Kuenphen Primary School in Thimphu.”

He added, “This marks my first time achieving the top position in a board exam. Despite this recent success, I consider myself an average student, having consistently obtained average marks in both the 10th and 12th grades.”

According to the RCSC, graduates eligible for selection and appointment, based on the number of vacancies and the candidates’ rank in the examination, are required to report to any nearby Dzongkhag Administration or Thromde Administration Office or the RCSC Secretariat in Tashichhodzong premises to undergo a drug test between December 13 and December 15. The drug test kits have been pre-arranged by the RCSC, and candidates are obligated to pay Nu. 300 per kit to the dealing officer before the test.

Graduates who fail to produce a drug test negative certificate during the selection and appointment, scheduled for December 19, 2023, will result in the position being offered to the next eligible candidate.

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