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SDF of USD 200 paying tourists arrive

Puran Gurung

Three tourists are arriving in the country paying the revised Sustainable Development Fee of USD 200.

They will follow the revised tourism policy implemented in the country on June 20, 2022. 

As per the new tourism policy, tourists will have to pay the revised SDF of USD 200, and also, hiring a tourist guide is mandatory. 

Tourists arriving in the country are from the United States of America, Switzerland and Singapore.   

These three tourists are from the United States of America, Switzerland and Singapore. They have all booked their stay for more than five days, to a maximum of a month. 

All of the tourists booked their tour in the country through various tour operators of the country including MyBhutan, Druk Asia and Bhutan Enlightened Tours and Treks. 

MyBhutanโ€™s guest, Mr Cheong Ling NG from Singapore is on a pilgrimage tour, and he is in the country for 31 nights. 

Mr Cheong Ling NG expressed that the SDF USD 200 is expensive yet it is a worthy visit. He annually visits Bhutan to spend time at a monastery in Tashigang. 

There are no restrictions for the Singaporean guest while he is in the country except to follow the countryโ€™s COVID protocols, said MyBhutan team. 

In Addition, the guest was required to take the PCR test, the guest got through the COVID-19 test, and he will start the journey today.

MyBhutan highlighted that the Tourism Council of Bhutan has arranged the application process efficiently and that it was a seamless end-to-end process to receive the approval.

Meanwhile, MyBhutan said that the company spent the past two years building new products and creating a stronger network of international relationships with travelers and tourism agencies worldwide. โ€œWe are one of the few companies that have maintained its full staff throughout the pandemic and even added more full-time team members during the pandemic to efficiently manage their growing workload,โ€ said MyBhutan. 

Also, MyBhutan said: โ€œWe have an impressive pipeline of trips lined up for 2022 and 2023 with high-end travellers that fit the mold for the type of tourist that Bhutan seeks to welcome to the Kingdom.โ€

Recognized as Bhutanโ€™s boutique travel designer and outfitter, MyBhutan caters its service to high-end travellers wishing to experience Bhutan with hand-crafted luxury โ€” much different from the standard circuit tours. In 2021, MyBhutan was welcomed into the PURE community of world-class trip designers and DMCโ€™s for their unique style of design and exceptional service.

Meanwhile, Druk Asiaโ€™s founder said that their guest will arrive in the country on July 21 and the guest will come for a cultural tour. The company will host an American tourist for about 11 nights.

Bhutan Enlightened Tours and Treks will host a Swiss tourist for about 5 nights. 

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