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Female graduate to teach small group of children in private Thimphu School. Must have done …

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The Fallen Petals, a young boyโ€™s struggle

Sonam Deki and Tenzin Lhaden The fallen petal is a journey of a young boy who comes from the corner of Tsirang in thesouthern foothills of Bhutan.Subash Ghishing Tamang is a writer who is passionate about writing authentic stories right fromhis heart. He started his passion to write when he was in pre-university and he chose to be a writer becausereading, …

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The PEMA to push mental health as Bhutan’s forefront agenda Suicide cases on the rise

Yeshey Lhadon “Suicide is on the rise, depression and anxiety is on the rise. It’s timely that we really need toconsolidate all our effort into one,” said the Chairperson of The PEMA, Health minister, LyonpoDasho Dechen Wangmo during the mental health sensitization program. Tshering Tshencho Zam from the Pema Secretariat stated that starting from 2019 when the Covid-19pandemic found its …

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Visiting charges in line with tourism policy, not about revenue and receipts, beyond economics: TCB DG

Puran Gurung Clarifying doubts that Bhutanโ€™s revised tourism system is thwarting the entry of Indian tourists to the country, Tourism Council of Bhutanโ€™s (TCB) Director General (DG) says otherwise.  TCBโ€™s DG Dorji Dhradhul says that levying the revised Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) of Nu 1,200 for Indian tourists is in line with Bhutanโ€™s tourism policy, and for the good of …

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Better care of elderly taken to doorsteps

โ€ฆ Blood tests are the most commonly prescribed among follow-up tests Staff Reporter Upon the Royal Command, the Kidu Mobile Medical Unit (KMMU) as a part of pilot project will collect blood samples of elderlies above 70 years at their place of residence in Thimphu starting August 1. To take the healthcare services to the homes of the elderly citizens …

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Sky rocketing phone prices despite import tax exemption

The duty tax was exempted on the import of mobile phones in January2020 to benefit citizens Yeshey Lhadon The consumers are complaining of eye-watering prices of smart phones. The duty tax was exempted on the import of mobile phones in January 2020 to benefit the citizens. And smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives with the country …

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