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Padtseling truelku takes over Aku Trongmi lhakhang

The Pema Yoesel Choeling Lhakhang, popularly known as Aku Trongmi Lhakhang handed over its management to Padtseling Tulku on December 9. It was given unanimously after family members agreed to the handover the lhakhang following request from Padtseling Truelku.

Khenpo Yoedzer Dorji said for the convenience religious purpose, Rinpoche has requested for the Lhakhang. โ€œIt is inconvenient to orgaPadtseling truelku takes over Aku Trongmi lhakhang nize religious function at Babesa religious center set up Padtseling Tulku,โ€ he said.

One of the family members, Tashi Norbu said that despite the joint family members looking after the management of the temple, conducting various religious functions, the lhakhang often remained empty. โ€œTherefore, with Rinpocheโ€™s taking over the temple, will meet the need of pious people,โ€ he said.

The wife of late Aku Trongmi, Phub Lhamo, 97, said, โ€œThe temple is for the old destitute who cannot go to memorial chorten. With Padtselig Tulkuโ€™s patronage of the temple, there will be more empowerment and oral transmission which will benefit more devotees.โ€

In the address of the management handing ceremony, Padtseling Tulku said that owners of the temple gave consent as he requested for the time being to perform dedication prayers for the dead and dispelling prayers for the living. Rinpoche said, โ€œI will not bring any new change but want to take responsibility to serve Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.โ€

Rinpoche also clarified that there are rumors going on saying that the temple is being sold. โ€œThere is no history of temple being sold in Bhutan. Even owners may not sell and I have no money to buy.โ€ Family members said that to have some systematic change and bring development, Rinpoche will lead the management for more initiatives.

The construction of Zangdopelri started around 1985 as per the prophecy of Dudjom Jigrel Yeshi Dorji and Polo Khenpo at Changlimethang, where battle was fought. Later Penor Rinpoche, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and 16th Karmapa also graced the temple.


By Sangay Rabten

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