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No space for mineral and chemical based industries in Motanga estate

The minister for economic affairs, Loknath Sharma said there is no space for mineral and chemical based industries in Motanga, Samdrup Jongkhar. There are only 27 allotments for mineral and chemical based industries.

Lyonpo was responding to the question raised by Dewathang-Gomdar MP, Ugyen Dorji during the question hour on Friday.

MP Ugyen Dorji raised the issue saying that industrial establishment is important for countryโ€™s socio-economic development as it create employment opportunities and bring regional development. He pointed out that as of now, most of the industries are located in Pasakha. He said, โ€œIt may not be possible to bring 100 percent balanced regional development. However, four areas were identified during the reign of Druk Phuensum Tshogpa; Bondeyma, Motanga, Jigmeling and Dhamdum in south and east.โ€ He also said that all the infrastructures were built but no one came up with factory establishment.

Pointing out of Motanga in Samdrup Jongkhar, MP Ugyen Dorji said that there are only two industries where one is already shut down. He informed the house that according to the information, two new proposals are coming up but the concerned authorities have told that there is no space for one of the applicants. He said that there are 155 acres of land and asked why space was not allotted. He asked, โ€œWhat could be the inconvenience?โ€

Lyonpo Loknath Sharma said that industrial establishment are based on cluster approach and all cannot be set up in one place. He said that different sector allotment is based on research. Motanga is for mineral and chemical, wood based products and agro based industries.

The minister said there are only 29 acres for mineral and chemical industries where 27 acres are already allotted. 14 new proposals came and there is no space for new chemical and mineral establishment according to the minister. He corrected saying, โ€œIf the new applicants have proposed for mineral and chemical based industries, there is no space.โ€

The minister informed the house that the ministry gives provisional allotment which will take six months for putting application with documents clarification and six months for construction. He also informed that even provisional allotment is also over. However, there is space for wood based and agro based industries, according to the minister.

Dramedtse-Ngatshang MP, Ugyen Wangdi asked if it was fair with the rule of limiting allotment. He said that Samdrup Jongkhar is a town A, but it is affected by Gyalpozhing-Nganglam highway. โ€œHow will development take place if industrial establishments are restricted? Why other allotment left unused is not provided for mineral and chemical based industries; is it because of power shortage or risk of being chemical industries?โ€

Lyonpo Loknath said he also wished for the same but it is based on policy. He said, โ€œIt is in line with research done by experts for industrial diversification.โ€

Motanga industrial estate is funded by government of Bhutan while Bongdeyama, Jigmeling and Dhamdum are funded by Government of India.


By Sangay Rabten

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