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MoEA to revise existing entertainment rules, regulations

โ€ฆ Drayangs not eligible to directly operate other entertainment businesses

Due to changes in the Drayang entertainment business, the Ministry of Economic Affairs is in the process of revising existing entertainment rules, and regulation.

The change will be based on the Media Act of Bhutan (2018).

Additionally, the Economic Affairs Minister, Loknath Sharma highlighted that entertainment businesses are not allowed to switch to other entertainment businesses.

โ€œSuch entertainment businesses wishing to switch to other entertainment business must follow the due process for the specific business,โ€ said Lyonpo Loknath Sharma.

For now, Lyonpo said the rules and regulations donโ€™t allow such conversion.

Businesses will have to undergo the process entailing the specific entertainment business to switch.

To change to other kinds of entertainment businesses such as karaokes and discotheques, Lyonpo said they will have to re-modify and go through entertainment licensing committee in respective dzongkhags and thromdes.

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Economic Affairs also send a notification stating the operation and continuation of drayang entertainment center is a violation against the government order and dealt with as per the provision of the law.

It also stated that the erstwhile Drayang owners and employees that the Drayang Entertainment activity was closed vide Executive Order No.C-2/2022/1195 dated January 7, 2022 and subsequent to the Order, Entertainment License for Drayang activities remains cancelled.

Following the Order, active Drayang establishments were compensated by the government besides providing other support including switching to other modes of businesses and skilling. Thus, the operation and continuation of Drayang entertainment center is a violation against the government order and dealt with as per the provision of the Law.

Following this, Lyonpo said that the notification was a polite reminder to avoid paying hefty fines if they were found operating the entertainment business.

The notification was also issued because many of the former drayang businesses were converting to other forms of entertainment business, and some of the same drayang owners were floating vacancies for employees at their new entertainment business establishment.

At this point of time, there is also no immediate monitoring, Lyonpo said.

However, it has not been concretely established that the closed drayangs are operating other forms of entertainment businesses.

Meanwhile, a business entertainment with a specific license will not be allowed to operate different forms of business entertainment.

For instance, a bar can play pre-recorded songs but they are not allowed to have a full-fledged stage and performers.

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