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Makeup Artist- Passion to Profession

โ€ฆOne can do something that they are genuinely enthusiastic about and earn a living from it

By Tenzin Lhaden

Yeshi Choden runs a home-based makeup studio located at Changangkha. After graduating high school, she did not join any college rather she persuaded her passion and achieved what she always wanted to be.

โ€œThere are a few discouraging words for not continuing my studies, but my decision was firm and some degree fuelled by my feelings. An immense feeling of determination and knowing what I wanted, to turn my passion into a career was my plan,โ€ said Yeshi.

Thus, she got her certification and trainings from SMA International Makeup Academy in Thailand, which was a four-month long course with 7 to 8 hours of training daily.

After training, she started her business during the winter of 2019 and she runs the business in the entity of Yethro Zeyjur Kinjung. โ€œI wasnโ€™t professional even after training because I lacked practice. The nail arts donโ€™t come out good, and to do one lashes, I would take 4 hours. But now I can see improvement in myself after attending clients daily,โ€ she said.

โ€œMy first clients were my uncleโ€™s friends. They encouraged me in my work and for that I am always grateful to them,โ€ she added.

Yeshi specializes in the eye brows, lashes and the finger nails beautifications. โ€œI took makeup as my career basically because I get to be creative and do something that I am genuinely enthusiastic about. Also the end results are always overwhelming and it makes me happy to see my clients happy and leave the door feeling more beautiful than they already are. Moreover, the fact that I make a living out of it, is just the needed cherry on top,โ€ Yeshi said.

Some days, Yeshi attends to 7-9 clients and would not be able to take any more clients for that particular day. Other days, she doesnโ€™t get much to be done.

โ€œI canโ€™t take more than 1 client at a time as my job requires me to stay bent over for an extended period of time. It gets painful for my back, so I try to take breaks whenever possible in between,โ€ she claimed.
Yeshi even gets hired for occasions like weddings and birthdays.

Through her job, she said she earns enough to pay her rents and bills without having to rely on anyone. โ€œBasically I am able to make my ends meet without much trouble most of the time,โ€ she added.

โ€œI am really grateful to the people who all made this journey possible for me and I am blessed for their continuous support and kindness. It would not have been possible without any of them,โ€ she expressed.

She came this far because she had faith in herself and kept her confidence in people who are actually wishing her well. Also, doing something that she actually likes and being able to support herself by doing so makes her feel so fulfilled that gratifying.

โ€œI came across Yeshi through instagram and I have been using her service for last 3 years since, 2019. I usually go for nail and lashes extension. I have a store and have to do a lot of manual works and my extended nails wonโ€™t last long. But the nails Yeshi does would last for 50 to 55 days. She would even refill the lashes without charging and she would advise us how to care and wash the lashes,โ€ said Ezang, Yeshiโ€™s client.

She said, โ€œBefore when I go to Bangkok for vacation, I do my nails there. Now, these services are available in Bhutan itself and I get excited because we donโ€™t have to go abroad to get these things done.โ€

Makeup artist brings the beauty of a person out. Makeup artist contributes behind the scene and this is evidence in the entertainment world where the performer is at the best.

Yeshi keeps up with fashion and trends, and stay informed about new and innovative developments relevant to skincare and beauty through Tik Tok and YouTube videos, so that their artistic work is not out of time. That her clients are trendy and do not fall behind in terms of fashion.

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