Kinley Dorji-Cinematographer

Kinley Dorji, 25 years old is from Darla under Chukha dzongkhag. After completing his higher secondary education he came to Thimphu looking for a job since he did not have any plans further. “All I knew was I needed a job”. He got trained through MoLHR in cinematography. “If I knew my interest was in camera/video making then I would have taken a separate course. Anyways, I am glad that I found my interest before it’s too late and I enjoy my work”. He has worked for four Short Film and right now he is working on the feature film titled “When we chat ‘’ directed by Sonam Yangzom under same production. He has shot More than ten music videos and some documentaries.
He worked at “My music entertainment” as a cinematographer for a year.

Message to Youths: “Our education system should give equal importance to extracurricular activities because not all youths can excel in academy and I would like to let the youths know that whatever you do, don’t let people discourage you, just believe in yourself and keep trying until you succeed. ”

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