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His Majesty The King grant Dhars

His Majesty The King granted Dhar to appoint the Ambassador Designate to Australia, and the Tashi Yangtse and Paro Dzongda this week on July 2. 

Sonam Tobgay, who was serving as Director of the Department of Bilateral Affairs in the Foreign Ministry, has been appointed as Bhutan’s Ambassador to Australia. 

Karma Thinley, Director at the Anti Corruption Commission, is the new Paro Dzongda, and Babu Ram Sherpa, who was serving as Specialist at the Department of Adult and Higher Education of the Education Ministry, is the new Tashi Yangtse Dzongda.

In accordance with Article 2.19 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan, His Majesty The King appoints Ambassadors and Dzongdas on the recommendation of the Prime Minister who obtains nominations from the Royal Civil Service Commission.

Images: Tashi Yangtse Dzongda Babu Ram Sherpa (L) and Paro Dzongda Karma Thinley (R). 

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