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EDITORIAL-A Call for Compassionate Policies

Bhutan, where the pursuit of happiness is a national mantra, a recent glimpse into the challenges faced by retirees prompts a thoughtful examination of policies affecting their twilight years. Retirement, traditionally synonymous with relaxation and independence, unveils a more complex narrative marked by financial strains and emotional solitude.
The governmentโ€™s laudable 2002 initiative aimed to secure a stable financial future for retirees, a vision rooted in the noble aspiration of ensuring dignified post-service lives. However, the current milieu suggests a poignant need for the government to recalibrate its approach, adopting a more compassionate stance toward those who have devoted their careers to the nation.

As dedicated public servants with decades of service reflect on their journey, financial struggles emerge as a formidable adversary. The pension system, designed as a safety net, falls short in the face of rising living costs and inflation. The dream of a secure home, an aspiration echoing in the hearts of retirees, remains elusive, pushing them into the daunting realm of meeting basic needs and securing permanent residences.

The emotional toll is equally profound, with retirees grappling with a palpable sense of loss and diminished identity. Once esteemed for their contributions, retirees now find themselves on the fringes of society, yearning for meaningful connections and struggling with loneliness.

To address this multifaceted challenge, a recalibration of retirement policies is imperative. The current pension system, while commendable, requires adjustment to align with the dynamic economic landscape. Pensions should not merely reflect the number of years served but also consider the escalating living standards to provide a more robust safety net for retirees.

Housing security emerges as a pivotal component in enhancing the quality of life for retirees. Innovative schemes that cater to the specific needs of retirees, ensuring a secure and comfortable living environment, should be explored. Housing is not just a physical shelter; it is a cornerstone in fostering dignified retired lives.

The emotional well-being of retirees should not be neglected. Initiatives to create supportive networks, such as envisioned by retirees who yearn for a sense of community and purpose, can significantly alleviate the emotional strain of retirement.

Furthermore, concerns about the sustainability of the pension fund require careful consideration. The trend of individuals voluntarily leaving their jobs before reaching the maturity period poses a threat to the long-term viability of the fund. A comprehensive review, potentially accompanied by necessary adjustments, is crucial to safeguard both the financial well-being of retirees and the integrity of the pension system.

The challenges faced by retirees in the country beckon the government to reassess and enhance policies. The time is ripe to infuse empathy into retirement planning, ensuring that the golden years truly embody the principles of Gross National Happiness. As the nation progresses, let our commitment to the well-being of those who have contributed their careers to our nation be unwavering, ensuring that every retiree finds solace and fulfillment in their post-service years.

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