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CSO training

The three days training for Civil Society Organizations (CSO) was conducted at United Nations house and around twenty registered participants attended the training.

As CSOs are new in Bhuยญtan, they are behind in runยญning the organizations. Mainly the organizations lacked skills in fund raisยญing and media engagement. Trainers from different agenยญcies, from abroad and Bhutan educated the participants.

On first day, the parยญticipants were trained in strategic planning, idenยญtifying great partnership and networking skills. Key aspects of proposal writing and donors reporting were also explained. On second day, media being the part of civil society, the participants were trained how to engage in media, SWOT analysis; developing media strategy, leadership in resources mobilization and the boardsโ€™ role in fundraising.

The founder of Bhutan Media and Communication Institute (BMCI), Pushpa Chhetri made the participants to do exercise on Strengths, Weakness, Opporยญtunities and Threats (SWOT) on communication in their organization. She said that CSOs fail to use the media and it affects their organizaยญtions. Now she hopes that after briefing how to use meยญdia, it will help in their susยญtainability.

Participants were taught to develop fundraising tarยญget or budget projections and recovering administraยญtive costs on the last day.

One of the participants Sonam Tshomo said, โ€œThis training provided us the platform to network and raise fund, tapping on right people to generate income for CSO and to carry out the activities.โ€ She also said that this is the good networking place to not only to collaboยญrate together but to know some new faces to work toยญgether in future.

One of the participants said that the CSOs are in inยญfant stage and need different trainings. โ€œI think we need such programs in different aspects and appreciate for orยญganizing such program which will help to make job effective in futureโ€, she added.

Facilitator and expertise in philanthropy and fundยญraising consultant, Maree Whybourne said, โ€œWe are here mainly to help CSOs to develop the capacity in Bhuยญtan.โ€ The main objective of the program is to bring some of her experiences and help to fill the gap that society has. Financial is the main factor for the sustainability of CSO and the training on fund raising will guide them to approach the donors and budget projections. One of the participants shared the ideas of allocating the budยญget and ways to look for the funds.

Chief executive officer of Australian Himalayan Foundation, Carolyn Hamer-Smith said, โ€œCSOs in Bhutan have brighter future.โ€ She enlightened the CSO runยญners on strategic planning and leadership in resources mobilization. This will help them to plan and administer the organizations.

The training was funded and partners by Bhutan Foundation and Australian Himalayan foundation.


By Leki Dema



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