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Bhutan second women minister

Bhutan again elected a womยญen minister. Lyonpo Dechen Wangmo is the second womยญen minister after Dasho Dorji Choden.

Lyonpo Dechen Wangmo is the third oldest sibling. She is 42 and mother of one. She contested as Druk Nyamrup Tshogpaโ€™s (DNT) candidate from north Thimยญphu.

She has bachelors in carยญdiopulmonary science from Northeastern University, Boston MA, and masters in public health (Global Health Epidemiology), Yale Univerยญsity.

She achieved top five perยญcent in cardiopulmonary sciยญence of the performers gradยญuating with highest honors. In 2007, she became the first Bhutanese to graduate from Yale school of public health.

With vast experience in medical field, she underยญstands the health system of the country and is confident in improving the health serยญvices. The new health minยญister said, โ€œSince I am very passionate about health, I chose to work in health secยญtor.โ€

Lyonpo said that since the people of Bhutan have placed trust on me, I am hoping to achieve higher goals for the sector and it could be quite challenging. I am super exยญcited and confident to bring significant development particularly in health sector. She also emphasized with the governmentโ€™s slogan of โ€˜Narrowing the Gap,โ€™ they plan to reduce inequity in health services.

She looks forward to make every individual accesยญsible to quality health servicยญes throughout the country. Government plans to estabยญlish separate health unit with specialist and dispense serยญvices in every gewog level to achieve their goal.


By Leki Dema

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