Are the media aligned to political parties?

By Sangay Rabten

Media is considered the fourth pillar of democracy. The fourth pillar ensures that all people even living in far off areas of the coun­try are informed what’s hap­pening in the country. Me­dia ensure transparency in the working of all the other systems.

Over the years, Media in Bhutan have become more active. Beside Bhutan Broadcasting Service and Kuensel Corporation Ltd, being the national news pro­viders, there are few other print media and private ra­dios. These media houses make the masses aware of various social, political and economical activities around us. It is like mirror which shows the bare truth and harsh realities of life.

All journalists should fol­low code of ethics and main­tain ABCD (Accuracy, Bal­ance, Credibility and Depth) of journalism. However, it seems there is broad con­sensus that media houses in Bhutan are politically biased. It seems that some political party uses media house as their platform to promote their agenda.

Bhutan Broadcasting Service’s Managing Direc­tor, Tshering Wangchuk said that different people will have different views. He said, “Media are regularly checked and updated. As of now, I find all media houses are fair and not politically biased.”

Former editor of Kuensel, Ugyen Penjor said media plays an important role in elections and are answer­able to the public for their action. “I feel some newspa­pers are aligned to political parties. This you can judge from the coverage,” he said. “If one paper dedicates six pages out of 12 to a particu­lar party and the rest six divided among other par­ties, international and local news, where is the fairness,” he said. “The action of some media could lead to losing credibility of all media.”

The editor of The Bhuta­nese, Tenzing Lamsang said “It’s the importance of right­ness but not the balance.” He said that political parties expect to be treated equally but it cannot be substantiated with false equivalences.

Editor of The Journal­ist Rinchen Dorji said, “We don’t know about others but we are not. We do not serve government; we serve the state. Politicians and people tag media houses for be­ing politically biased. It is because of the news that we cover. But one party has nothing to write about, and if there is another where we find a lot to write about, people say we support. If we write a story bringing out corruption case of a party; we are termed as supporter of other parties. It is the thought process of people which is biased but not the media.”

President of People’s Democratic Party, Dasho Tshering Tobgay said, “As per the law, media houses are not allowed to be biased. However, there are chances of seeming, that medias are biased by some reporters.” He shared the view that be­cause of some reporter’s like towards the manifesto of particular party, there could be chances of biasness as we are not enlightened but in over all, its good now.

President of Druk Phuen­sum Tshogpa, (Dr.) Pema Gyamtsho said, “Apart from one or two main stream medias, most of the media houses are balanced.’’

Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa’s President, (Dr.) Lotey Tsher­ing said, “Besides critical analysis and critical report­ing is appreciated, some me­dia reporters are biased but not as a whole.” He added that some politicians may politicize and there is thin detection of biasness.

Meanwhile, readers or au­dience have different views. Rigden Wangmo from Sam­tse said, “It seems that some media houses are politi­cally biased.” Lhatu (name changed) said that some mainstream media do fa­vour some political parties. “Media being politically bi­ased is not a good precedent as a watch-dog. It should support all equally as its is the most important ethics of media.”


Media Arbitrator, Dr Chador Wangdi said that they monitor the media reg­ularly and that so far there has been no issue of media houses being politically bi­ased. Head of the Election Department, Sonam Tobg­yal said that till now there wasn’t any case of political biased media, though there was a case during the Na­tional Council election. He said, “Media should take responsibility to promote in­stitution of democracy and understand that its indepen­dent institution.” He also added that in case if there is issue of political biasness in media houses, Election Commission of Bhutan have mechanism to deal with it.

While Bhutan Kuen-nyam Party did not respond to our call.


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