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An interview with Karma Jerry

Meet Karma Jerry – a young, dynamic force to be reckoned with in the Bhutanese film industry. With a mere few years under his belt, Jerry has cemented his place as a well-known choreographer and film director, delivering hit movies and expertly choreographed song sequences time and time again. His exceptional talent and dedication have earned him numerous national awards, including Best Director, Best Choreographer, and Best Film.

But Jerryโ€™s influence extends far beyond his personal accolades. He has single-handedly launched the careers of countless young artists in the industry, who have become integral to the growth and development of Bhutanese cinema.

Q. How did you start your journey in the film industry?
A. In 2008, when I was in my 12th standard at Ugyen Academy, singer Rinchen Namgay, actor Tawchu Rabgay, along with two other representatives from the film industry, visited the school. At that time, I had a program to perform. After the program, they said that they saw ability and talent in me, thus encouraging me to join the film industry. And that was exactly how I joined the industry.

Q: Then, as a choreographer and now as a director, which one is more challenging?
A. As a director, you need to be creative to survive in this industry. To be creative, you need hard work. So, for me, being a director is more challenging than being a choreographer.

Q. Which one do you prefer to be, a choreographer or a director?
A. Actually, I like both because both are what I like to do and I enjoy doing it.

Q. Who inspired you to be a director?
A. I love telling stories. As a director, you get an opportunity to tell stories the way we want to and this had really inspired me to be a director.

Q. How many movies have you directed till date?
A. So far, I have directed 23 movies.

Q. Among these 23 movies you have directed, which one is your favorite?
A. I like all the movies that I have directed so far, but my ongoing project titled โ€œA Family Manโ€ is something different from the rest. I am excited for the movie to be screened soon.

Q. How do you manage to train your actors?
A. In such case, I usually train them from beginning itself. To avoid mistakes during the shooting, I let them practice. In this way, we get to know each other as well.

Q. Have you ever made a mistake in your role as a director? How did you rectify it?
A. As a human we make mistakes. Every movie that I have directed, whenever I watch it after the screening is done, I find a lot of mistakes on my work. But rather than feeling discouraged, I learn from those mistakes.

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