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An Exclusive with Karma Choden

Karma Choden, the current head coach of the Women’s National Team, has achieved a historic milestone in Bhutanese football by becoming the first Bhutanese woman coach to lead the team to the finals. This remarkable feat was accomplished during her debut as the head coach in the Womenโ€™s International Friendly Tournament in Saudi Arabia, which featured participation from six countries. Prior to taking on the role of head coach, Choden had served as an assistant coach for the Women’s National Team and had an illustrious career as a national player. Karma Choden and her team are a national pride.

Q. How did it feel for you and your team to reach the final in an International Football Tournament, making history for Bhutan?
A. Making it to the championship in the International Football Tournament was a moment of great pride for me and our entire team, as well as a source of immense national pride. This marked a historic milestone for us and was a significant achievement for the Womenโ€™s Football team.

Q. Can you highlight some of the key strategies or initiatives that you believe contributed to your teamโ€™s success in reaching the final?
A. Crucial elements in our strategic approach involve fostering strong teamwork, prioritizing fitness, and adaptability, meticulously studying our opponentsโ€™ strengths and weaknesses. These fundamental components serve as the bedrock of our strategic framework, allowing us to consistently fine-tune our game plan and make informed decisions on the field. We place a significant emphasis on the cohesion of our team, ensuring that each player complements one anotherโ€™s strengths, and we work diligently on maintaining peak physical condition to excel in any situation. Additionally, conducting thorough research on our competitors enables us to gain valuable insights into their tactics, enabling us to formulate effective counterstrategies.

Q. How has the experience of playing in the final impacted the development of Womenโ€™s Football in Bhutan?
A. The final match had a profound influence on the advancement of the Womenโ€™s Football team, serving as a powerful source of inspiration for a growing number of girls who sought to embrace the sport.

Q. Could you describe the level of support and enthusiasm for Womenโ€™s Football in Bhutan before and after your teamโ€™s historic achievement?
A. Following the final, there was a notable surge in support for our Womenโ€™s Football team, with a heightened level of enthusiasm and backing from the entire populace.

Q. What motivated you to take on the role of coaching the Bhutan Womenโ€™s Football team, and how do you see your role in shaping the future of Womenโ€™s Football in the country?
A. I assumed the role of a coach to contribute to the progress of Womenโ€™s Football in Bhutan, with a primary responsibility of offering guidance, mentorship, and support to nurture the emerging talents within our nation.

Q. In what ways do you think your coaching style or approach differs from others, and how does it resonate with your players?
A. In my coaching style, I place emphasis on fostering teamwork that goes beyond the individual, instilling discipline as a cornerstone of our approach, and prioritizing the holistic development of each player. This strategy is meticulously designed to not only enhance their on-field performance but also to nurture them as individuals. By focusing on building strong bonds among team members, we aim to create a harmonious and cohesive unit. Discipline is a fundamental pillar, instilling a sense of responsibility, accountability, and a strong work ethic, ensuring that our players not only excel on the pitch but carry these values with them throughout their lives, and it resonates well with my players.

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