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An Exclusive with ๐˜๐ž๐ฌ๐ก๐ข ๐ƒ๐ž๐ฆ๐š

At just 9 years old, Yeshi Dema is a budding literary star, currently engrossed in her studies as a vibrant third grader at Kuensel Phodrang Primary School in Thimphu. What sets her apart is her incredible talent as one of the countryโ€™s youngest writers. With boundless creativity, she has proudly introduced her literary masterpiece, โ€˜Whispers in the Wind,โ€™ a collection of 10 captivating short stories. However, Yeshiโ€™s journey doesnโ€™t stop at being a prodigious writer. With an unbounded spirit, she generously shares profound insights about embracing the writerโ€™s path at such a tender age. This is an inspirational story, a reminder that age is no barrier to the limitless possibilities of the creative mind.

Q. What are your thoughts on the formal release of your book titled โ€œWhispers in the Windโ€?
A. I am filled with happiness and pride as I officially step into the role of a published author with โ€œWhispers in the Wind.โ€

Q. Could you provide some insights or a brief overview of your book?
A. This book consists of a collection of 10 short stories, and although it may be slim in size, its narratives emphasize the importance of maintaining modesty while nurturing oneโ€™s self-esteem.

Q. Out of the ten distinct stories in your book, do you have a personal favorite?
A. I hold a special preference for the story titled โ€œBeauty Teaserโ€ in my book. It effectively conveys the message that we should refrain from making judgments based solely on appearances and instead appreciate individuals for their true essence.

Q. What inspired and guided your creation of the ideas and plans for these stories?
A. I dedicated my free time to contemplation, channeling my accumulated knowledge and experiences into the creation and planning of the various stories.

Q. What was your approach to naming the main characters in your stories?
A. Itโ€™s quite straightforward; I conducted research to find suitable names, and a significant portion of them were inspired by characters from Tibetan TV series. Sadly, I donโ€™t remember the name of the serials.

Q. Is there a particular book or author who holds a special place in your heart and served as an inspiration for your own writing in this book?
A. My inspiration for writing was drawn from the works of Bhutanese authors, with Kuenzang Choden being the author who particularly inspired me.

Q. Could you share the details of the book written by Kuenzang Choden that motivated and influenced your writing, as well as how it impacted you?
A. The book that truly motivated and resonated with me is โ€œGuru Rinpoche is Comingโ€ by Kuenzang Choden. Itโ€™s a favorite of mine because it imparts valuable lessons about our nationโ€™s religion and culture to children of my age and younger.

Q. How did you manage to find a balance between your academic commitments and the process of writing these stories?
A. I would typically write my stories during my free moments, such as at school, during breaks, while still maintaining a distinct and organized study schedule. This approach allowed me to effectively juggle both my academic responsibilities and my passion for writing.

Q. Did you encounter any challenges or obstacles while crafting these stories?
A. I canโ€™t recall encountering numerous difficulties, but there was one incident that left a strong impact. A classmateโ€™s underestimation stung, yet I persevered and, as a result, have now demonstrated my true capabilities.

Q. During the process of writing these stories, did you receive any guidance or support from friends, family members, or teachers?
A. I received extensive support from my family, who have consistently encouraged me in all my endeavors. My teachers played a significant role by motivating me to cultivate a daily reading habit, which ultimately led to my accomplishment of writing a book and officially earning the title of an author, a source of great pride for me.

Q. Prior to working on this book, did you have any experience in writing, such as composing poems and stories?
A. Before I ventured into writing an official book, I had already penned a poem centered on nature and crafted two short stories. It was with the mentorship and encouragement of my teacher, Tenzin, that I was inspired to write more short stories and compile them into a collection, with his belief that I could achieve success in this endeavor.

Q. What aspirations and objectives do you hold as an author?
A. As an author, my aspiration is to continually create more stories and nurture my passion for writing. I aim to both entertain and educate children, imparting the valuable lesson that with dedication and passion, there are no limits to what they can achieve.


If you wholeheartedly pursue your passion, it will guide you towards your desired destination and eventual success. In my case, when I discovered my passion for writing, I remained dedicated to it, never ceasing to write, and read. Therefore, if you aim to achieve your goals through your passion, perseverance and unwavering commitment are the keys success.

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