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A spiritual journey

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To commemorate the auspicious Post-Summer Rain Retreat ceremony, His Emminence Gyelsay Trulku Rinpoche along with University President, Khenpos and Lecturers together with more than 400 monks of Tago, Chari and Dodena processed the ritual of Jong Ju.

It is a religious practice from the teaching of the Vinaya tradition at the end of summer rain retreat (Yarney) where the monks lead by the monastery abbot cavalcade through the villages to receive the offerings offers by the devotees.

The day also marks the time where the monks are formally permitted to resume the practices of visiting the localities and receive the alms after 45 days of Yarney.

Hundreds of devotees, young and old, are seen queued by the roadside to offer refreshments and to pay their respects.

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